Final: Tiger Woods Had Anal Sex with Bridgette Kerkove, Alleges Skeeter Kerkove

The pimp of all pimps, and proud of it, Skeeter Kerkove calls me Wednesday afternoon. Skeeter’s leased out his home in Tujunga and is now living in Arizona.

“The press has completely missed a story about Tiger Woods,” says Skeeter noting that back when she was the anal queen of the adult business, his ex wife Bridgette Kerkove was taking on all comers, including Tiger Woods, apparently.

“Back then everybody wanted to fuck the anal queen Bridgette Kerkove in the ass,” says Skeeter. And he should know since he pimped out all or most of those arrangements except with the Woods situation.

Skeeter’s also quick to point out that a lot of girls in the industry were doing Woods at the time and Bridgette was probably just one of many, though she didn’t know Woods was a golfer.

“Bridgette thought he was a football player,” Skeeter laughs. As he would customarily do on these occasions, Skeeter would kill time while Bridgette was with her clients.

According to Skeeter, madam Michelle Braun set up the meeting and Bridgette flew to New York to meet Woods at a hotel.

“Michelle Braun’s probably not going to like reading this, but she would also charge her clients the airfare to fly the girls in,” states Skeeter. The only hitch being, claims Skeeter, Braun supposedly charged every client the same airfare, so if Bridgette had appointments to meet five guys over her course of stay, Braun was charging all five to fly her in.

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