Final: Vanessa del Rio Guests on Amber Lynn’s Show.

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Vanessa del Rio was a guest on Amber Lynn’s Friday night show.

“This is a feather in my cap and if there was an icon and a real true legend of the business she would fit the bill,” announced Lynn.

“She’s got some really big projects. This woman represents her own era in the adult industry.”

Del Rio has a combination coffee table book/biography called “Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior.” It’s put out by Taschen Books.

Vanessa’s also been offering her memorabilia to fans and you can check out her website, and there’s a link to her eBay store on the site. She’ll be posting more about that in the upcoming weeks.

“For years people have been asking me for stuff and just recently a few fans had contacted me,’ del Rio explained.

“They wanted to buy my awards. My awards? I’m like, what? It came from left field. I don’t want to part with those. You’re attached to them. And somebody asked me about the Polaroids that are in my book.

“The book is all my old pictures and biography. I started thinking. Now I’m doing Spring Cleaning and I don’t have grand kids. Where is this stuff going to go to? The stuff belongs to my fans, and I found some one-of-a- kind things and pictures from the old jerk off days in the magazines and stuff. Those were the days, right?”

Del Rio explained that the book comes in a clam shell box covered in leopard skin silk.

“It weighs about 15-16 pounds. It has gold gilt pages, and it’s got a red ribbon marker. I call it the Vanessa bible. It also has a 140 minute DVD in it. It’s filled with pictures from my past, when I was a kid, and mainly throughout my career- very nasty pictures.”

According to del Rio, the book is available.

“There’s also a Robert Crumb print [among her memorabilia], and the original drawing of that sold for like $35,000. I have one that’s signed to me, and I may be putting that up. There’s also a platinum record when I was in Biggie Smalls and Lil Kim’s video Get Money.

“When it sold a million copies they sent everyone one of those record-things to commemorate the selling of one million records. I got that, and it’s in my name. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got shoes where the tips are bent up from being on my knees.”

Lynn said she had to have a pair of those shoes.

“You don’t know what it would mean to me.” Del Rio was of the opinion that Lynn probably had shoes like that in her own collection.

“But they are not your shoes,” Lynn hastened to remind her.

Added Lynn, “I remember when I first got into the industry Bobby Hollander said to me, ‘You kind of remind me a little bit of Seka but your sexuality is like Vanessa del Rio and that’s going to take you everywhere.’

“I was, like, really? Who’s that? So I was always obsessed with Vanessa del Rio. And then we were on a movie together but I didn’t cross your path. It was Devil in Miss Jones Part 3, Greg Dark did it. I was so determined to do a good job on that film. I got into this scene and wound up doing the first double-vag. It turned into such an animalistic scene.”

Del Rio recalled that when she first became aware of Lynn, ‘I looked at you and said she’s just nasty.’

“You just have that vibrant animalistic sexuality.”

Lynn said she learned a lot from observing performers like del Rio. Del Rio recalled an instance in that Dark film.

“They were shooting Lois Ayres’ scene, and they had to see me in the shot. So I was in the background. [del Rio was in the middle of a gangbang.]

“They shot her scene first because she was starring in the movie, so I had to be in the background just sucking, fucking, doing all kinds of things. So I had to keep doing that. So they kept me in that state of arousal all day. By the time they got to shoot it, all of us were ready to rip each other apart.”

Lynn recalled that Traci Lords was also in the movie.

“They cut her part out later. We were all trying to one-up each other. The whole movie was really hot.”

“The Dark Bros. used to keep their sets horny,” del Rio recalled.

“And it was done in such a way that helped you to do the scene really hot. They were participating behind the camera.”

Lynn, said, allegedly, ‘But I recall one of them jerking off, and they used to do that a lot of the old sets.’”

Del Rio recalled that the formula of the one day wonders would usually call for an orgy at the end of the movie, and the director would always be in the scene.

“It was a party back in those days.”

From her own experiences, Lynn recalled that those orgy scene would often include friends of the cast.

“They would shoot these amazing scenes because when people are fucking for real it’s sometime different then when you’re doing it for a movie and it’s acting.”

Del Rio went on to say that all those photos in the book are being made available to her fans.

“A photographer came to my house and they took everything out of my trunk. Dian Hanson came over with some photographers that Taschen sent them and they had my stuff all over the place.

“They were just picking and choosing what they’d put into the book. Of course they couldn’t put in everything. They loved the Polaroids because they’re collectibles- some of them are decades old. And they’re one of a kind.”

Del Rio said the actual Polaroids are being made available. Lynn pointed out that there’s a museum of erotica in Las Vegas.

“Are you sure you want to part with them?

“Make me an offer I can’t refuse,” del Rio replied. A fan brought up one of del Rio’s movies which includes Herschel Savage.

“Herschel Savage is one of my favorite male actors to work with- I used to love fucking him,” said Lynn.

“He’ll let you do anything to him. I used to give him the best blowjobs on him,” del Rio recalled. Del Rio included John Leslie and Jamie Gillis among her favorite male performers to work with.

“Jamie was the filthiest,” added del Rio…”and Jerry Butler if he would stop making jokes.”

Lynn was curious if del Rio ever worked with her late brother Buck Adams.

“I never worked with him,” del Rio replied.

Lynn added, “I used to hate it because a lot of my girlfriends in the industry would go ‘I love fucking your brother.’ I’d go shut up, he’s my brother. I think he worked with Marilyn Chambers, and she drove me nuts for years. She would say it just to bug me at trade shows, ‘oh, you’re brother’s such a great fuck.’”

The discussion swung around to del Rio’s famous blowjob technique.

“I call it my Dizzy Gillespie,” she said.

“When I’d suck in- and I just happened to notice it when I was doing the book and I looked at all pictures, Jesus Christ, look at that- and there was a hole in my cheek from the sucking and it’s really deep. It’s like a reverse Dizzy Gillespie.”

Another fan called in bringing up the fact that del Rio trains dogs for blue ribbon shows.

“I’m heavily into it,” del Rio said noting that she has competition show dogs. One is a French Bull Dog. Lynn said she saw a picture of del Rio with one of the dogs.

“That’s Mademoiselle Matilda,” said del Rio.

“I hope you used that picture in your book,” Lynn said.

“And my little boy is called Mr. Mambo Sanchez,” del Rio added.

Lynn was curious if fans recognize del Rio at the dog shows.

“If they do they don’t say anything,” del Rio answered.

Another caller-in said he first saw del Rio in the movie Babylon Pink and got the impression from watching her on the big screen that she was 10 feet tall and larger than life.

Del Rio said she’s 5’6”. Lynn recalled the first time she saw del Rio- it was at a show in Chicago- “It took me half the day to get up and talk to you. You were so nice and I was all nervous. At the time you were working out, and your body looked fantastic.”

Lynn, who’s 5’6½”, thought that del Rio looked much taller as well. Del Rio was of the impression that Lynn is naturally muscular. Lynn said, no, she gets that from working out.

“And you were a great inspiration for that because you always worked out,” Lynn added.

“I did bodybuilding for about ten years,” said del Rio.

“And I’m going to be selling pictures from my bodybuilding because a lot of those were never published.”

Among her other projects del Rio talked about a film that’s being done about her life- The Vanessa del Rio project directed by Thomas Mignone.

“It’s 42nd Street through my eyes,” explained del Rio. “I like his vision and the way he sees things. He’s got an artsy way of telling a story.”

“You represent an era in this industry that I hope is never forgotten, historically,” observed Lynn.

“He’s going to recreate 42nd Street and what went on back in those days,” del Rio went on to say.

“It was tumultuous. It was pre-AIDS, and 42nd Street was a beautiful monster. It had this undulating life that’s a wonderful story to tell.”

Ron Jeremy called in noting that he worked with del Rio in one of his earliest movies, Tigresses. Another film he did for Radley Metzer titled, where del Rio played a talk show host.

Lynn said she’s always getting inquiries from fans about scenes she did with Jeremy. Jeremy noted that he was on route to Wilmington, NC to do a mainstream movie, that Wilmington has become the motion picture capital of the south. Lynn recalled that she had a dog named Daisy Mae who was in love with Jeremy.

“When Ronnie would come to my house- she would climb up on Ronnie and fall asleep on him with her little head on his shoulder. She just adored him.”

Jeremy notes that he’s worked for PETA and had done a couple of ad campaigns for them.

“I even got PETA to come to a couple of the AVN shows where they had booths and a lot of the [porn] girls expressed a desire to be representatives, to be spokespeople.”

Lynn asked Jeremy how he’s been doing since his heart surgery.

“I got a lot of good mentions from Jay Leno to Seth MacFarlane,” Jeremy said, noting that John Ritter, Lucille Ball, George C. Scott and Albert Einstein had the same heart condition he had.

Lynn said her brother died from something very similar. Jeremy noted that he just did a scene for Wicked Pictures directed by Jessica Drake.

“I was still nervous, but it wored fine. It was great- no problem.”

Jeremy mentioned how he attended Jerry Buss’ funeral and TMZ interviewed him asking him if he was cleared to have sex.

“I was told if you can climb two flights of stairs you can have sex. I climbed four flights so I can have sex twice.”

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