Final: You are animals if you go back to work says Rob Black

Rob Black promised he’ll no longer call someone a cock sucking motherfucker.

“I’ll just say they’re not a very nice person.” Black said he’s been criticized for calling people retards and dummies.

“If you’re smart, you’ll assume I’m not talking about you, and if you’re dumb you’re too stupid to know I’m talking about you so it’s win-win.”

So, instead of calling performers stupid, Black said they were animals noting how AHF’s Mark McGrath took unwarranted heat from Julie Meadows [whatever happened to her?] for saying that Hollywood film animals were treated with more dignity and respect than porn performers.

Meadows is the one who claimed that McGrath compared porn performers to animals when that wasn’t what he said.

Black said, just to be clear, he was calling performers animals.

“You’re all animals. You are a goddamn animal. Because only an animal would try to get a morsel at the expense of one’s own safety. You are vultures and hyenas if you work right now. If you don’t take another two or three weeks off till this is sorted out. you are animals.

“Your animal handlers at Free Speech have sent you back to breeding. They haven’t figured out how they fucked up, but they all sent you back to have sex. These are zoo keepers and you are farm animals. You people are farm animals with swine flu and swine flu can’t be cured. If you people are working you are nothing but farm animals.”

Black pointed out that Dr. Miao at Cutting Edge Testing didn’t have the common courtesy to give Cameron Bay her test records.

“He told her to get them from Jenny [the girl at the front desk],” said Black.

“But John Stagliano and the entire Manwin-owned talent testing facility PASS knew her information before she did.”

Even Stagliano stated he was shocked that Miao gave him the records

“Animals, that is what you are if you go back to work,” said Black.

“I am calling for three more weeks that we don’t shoot. We wait three weeks and after three weeks we’re going rubber. Other than that you are a fucking animal. And after September 16th, we bag it. That’s it.

“And Kink should be completely off your list forever. If you work for them you’re plain stupid and retarded and you should kill yourself. This is tough love and sometimes it needs to be inflicted on who you live.

“If this business is filled with dummies you have to give them the reality. Everybody can chill the fuck out,” said Black noting that girls will continue to hook and do web cam work.


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