First Video in the new Long 4br beachfront condo at top of Beautiful High Rise!

First Video in the new Long 4br beachfront condo at top of Beautiful High rise!
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And now we tour Monica Foster aka Alexandra Mayer’s house. 🙂




    • Lying about what you fucking moron? IT’S A VIDEO and it’s right in front of your fucking face. So where’s the video of YOUR house?

      The place is a Playboy pad in a high rise. Eat your fucking heart out, Monica. If you weren’t sucking some old Jew’s dick, you’d be on the streets or living with your mom. You got balls making fun of anyone else’s life. ASSHOLE!

    • Gutless cowardly bitch! Foster was hating on me and talking shit about me getting a new car this year and getting my AA. This is all that she can do is hide her identity and talk shit. Where’s the cops at, Foster? You keep telling people that everything that I write about me is factual and true so where are the cops and the FBI? I’m not hiding and you fucked that up trying to prove that I am!

      Where’s the copy of your FBI complaint against me? Where’s the copy of the police report that you supposedly did on Serenity Haze?

      Keep bringing up that mediation BS because I keep bringing up and showing people that court document that proves that you were too cowardly to stand before a judge with me!

      You better find a way to up your game and shit because people are seeing how much of a fraud you are and how full of shit you are!

      You tell people to Google my name, at least this website helps me have a voice against you and all the defamation that you post. People can put two to two together and see who tells the truth and who doesn’t. You’re a one sided bitch which is why you blocked me from leaving comments on your shitty blogs and websites defending myself.

      Hey Foster, I recently got my tickets for AEE 2017, how are you going to FAIL 3 years straight in preventing me to go? Don’t worry, like when I had gone to AEE 2016, I won’t post my pics to where you can see them because I know that you’ll harass every performer that I meet with your bullshit blogs and other stupid shit that you’ll NEVER take to the cops not to a judge!

      You had your chance to show your stupid shit to a judge this year and you blew it! You thought you were being funny by waisting my TIME by appearing in court when all did was ruin your credibility against me by ALLOWING me to get that court document.

      You’re a FUCKING MORON!!!! Yet you keep fighting and kicking yourself.

      • It could be Foster or one other scumbag from the trannyfucker forum. Bitch fell out of favor at PWL and was ostracized because of decisions HE made and he’s blaming others. Typical manipulative, whiny, excuse making drug addict. As for Foster, if this is her posting, you can only laugh. Donny and Heather have a roof over their head and pay for it themselves and she has to suck old Jew cock just to keep from living on the streets or with her mom. She’s in no position to judge anyone that actually pays their own way in this world.

    • Keep hiding, you gutless punk, while posting with the Gene Ross name. Monica or not, you show what a coward you are by posting as Gene while running your mouth. #Gutless #Coward.

      And until you post video of YOUR living quarters, no one gives a fuck what you think about Donny & Heather’s. At least they posted a video. You didn’t post shit. I get the idea that they move around a lot also so they most likely don’t even live here anymore. They’re free, you haven’t been out of your home country probably ever.

      This is my final reply to you. Besides the fact that you hide behind a fake name, your posts reek of stupidity. Nice to know that this site is pissing you off. 🙂

  1. Oh, and it isn’t stupid to think someone using Gene’s name is Monica Foster. After this site was created, she created a Gene copy site with a Twitter handle to match but all she does is send this site more traffic. 🙂 Why is it crazy to think this nut would post here under than name? You’re dumb.

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