Follow The Money : Where Republican Support For Israel Truly Lies

The American media and politicians, especially Republicans, have a love affair with Israel.

Politician after politician go on the news and talk about Israel’s right to defend itself and that they are our greatest ally in the region. They say America and the world loves Israel. If that’s the case, why this constant display of support? My cynical side says that everybody in the world and America doesn’t support Israel and what they are doing. There are people who have real problems and concerns about what’s happening in the Middle East. But the media and politicians tell us those concerns aren’t valid and we should give Israel unwavering support.

The great Bill Maher recently stated that there is not one member of congress who is a Republican Jew. Yet, Republicans seem to be in love with Israel. They let the only Jewish member of Congress get his ass kicked by a tea bagger and that was Eric Cantor. Republicans have this great love affair with Israel, but the don’t back any Jewish candidates and the one Jew they had they let the shit get kicked out of him. Bill Maher suggested that the Republicans love for Israel is based soley on the money they receive from various Jewish political groups. Every Republican candidate has to declare their support for Israel and go to Vegas to kiss the ring of Sheldon Adelson, who is a billionaire 30 times over and is their biggest contributor. Newt Gingrinch’s entire campaign for president was funded by Adelson. The Republicans support for Israel is not because they agree with their policies, but because they want that money. That’s it. And this is coming from a political commentator who is Jewish. Bill Maher said the Republicans let their one Jewish member of Congress get his ass kicked.

Republicans will take your money, but don’t wanna hang with ya. They’ll kowtow to blacks or latinos or women if it will get them votes. They’ll do or say what they have to do to get elected, but they don’t want to sit next to them at the country club. They won’t invite them into their circle unless they meet the financial or political requirements of support. So it’s funny to watch the Republicans do their money dance on the news declaring their love and support for Israel when most of them couldn’t give two shits about the Jewish people. If the billions that flows from the Israel lobby suddenly dried up, you would see them drop their support in a nanosecond.

Every president, from Jimmy Carter all the way to Obama have said that they prefer a two state solution and that Israel occupies the West Bank. Palestinians were allowed to govern themselves under the disengagement plan back in 2005, but Israel still retained control over Gaza’s airspace and territorial waters and maintained their control over their water supply, electricity and communications. They control the perimeter and still call the shots. This conflict is never going to end until this control is relinquished and handed to the Palestinians.

Of course, anytime you talk about solutions that don’t favor the Israeli position you are labeled an anti-semite. John Kerry is being labeled as being sympathetic to the terrorists and Hamas. It’s ludicrous and unfair when you’re not allowed to speak out about what Israel is doing and offer other solutions or compromises. It’s wrong to be called an anti-semite when you point out other viewpoints other than that of Israel.

Hamas is called a terrorist organization that is in the same category as Al Qaeda or ISIS. Hamas was democratically elected by the Palestinians. To say that every member of Hamas is a suicide bomber who wants to run into a disco and blow everybody up is absurd. There are radicals in every group. You have the Republican Party and then you have the Tea Party. You have radicals from militias who walk into restaurants with assault rifles. Those who blow up abortion clinics and kill doctors. The Cliven Bundy yahoos who bought their assault rifles to his ranch and pointed them at federal agents. The Republicans don’t like to claim all of these extreme people who are part of their party. It’s the same with the Palestinians and Hamas. They are not all suicide bombers and radicals. To say that all of the Palestinians and Hamas are suicide bombers and launch rocket attacks on Israel is the same as saying that the KKK members in South Carolina who go door to door handing out candy and racist leaflets represent the entire Republican Party.

What if the Republican Party was labeled a hate group? You have thousands of Republicans and Tea Party members who preach doctrines of hate and intolerance. Against gays, against minorities, against anyone who is not like them. How are they not a hate group, yet members of Hamas and other radicals who strap a bomb to their chest and kill Jews somehow represent all Palestinians? There are many Palestinians who don’t proscribe to extremism, yet they are lumped into the same groups. They want their own independent state and to live their lives in peace. How are they lumped into these terrorist organizations, but Republicans aren’t lumped in with the extremist elements of their party like the Cliven Bundy supporters?

Palestinians and Hamas are all regarded as terrorists. Over 1200 Palestinians have been killed in this latest skirmish, women and children included. Are you gonna tell me that they’re all Al Qaeda terrorists? These dead children aren’t terrorists, but the media propagates the notion that if you support the Palestinian people you’re supporting terrorism. I watch these news shows and Israeli commentators one after the other say, “What would you do, America? You went after Osama Bin Laden and terrorists!” To lump everybody into one group and just label them all terrorists is ridiculous.

If Charlie Rose or Wolf Blitzer are sitting down and interviewing an Hamas leader in Qatar and Qatar is an ally of the United States and Hamas is a terrorist organization like Al Qaeda, why is that leader not arrested? If Qatar is harboring a terrorist why are they not sanctioned? Why is that Hamas leader not captured by a Delta Force team and extradited back to the US for war crimes? I would imagine if Hamas is a terrorist organization that every member would be like Saddam Hussein and the 50 most wanted that were on the trading cards during the Iraq War, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or the limo driver for Osama Bin Laden. If Hamas is a terrorist organization why are their leaders allowed to go on TV dressed in a nice suit and talk to Anderson Cooper? How are they allowed to part of negotiations with John Kerry and other world leaders? How is a terrorist organization able to do this? Exactly. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make logical sense.

Let’s face it. If America were a little more lawless, you would have Tea Party extremists fringe groups doing the same thing as the fringe Palestinians. When you see people at the Cliven Bundy ranch who are Republicans and Tea Partiers perched on a cliff with assault rifles pointed at federal marshals and they are on camera saying, “We don’t want another Waco. But we’ll do what we have to do” that is one step away from what happens in Palestine. You have Republicans, you have Tea Partiers and you have extremists in these groups. You have the Palestinians, you have Hamas and you have extremists associated with them. You have people in Hamas who say we have to negotiate and then you have people who say no we have to bomb Jews. You have Republicans who think it’s crazy to have an armed confrontation with the government and hand out racist leaflets and rally against homosexuals because of the bible and other Republicans who think that’s just dandy.

There are Republican pro-life supporters who applaud the bombing of abortion clinics and other forms of violence to achieve their goal of ending abortion. Do we then condemn the entire Republican Party? Of course not. You can’t do that. But we let Israel and the United States and politicians condemn all Palestinians, Hamas and the people who are sensible when it comes to establishing policy in Palestine. We let the crazy suicidal pseudo-religious maniacs represent all of Palestine.

When you hear about these tunnels, the only thing you hear from the media is the tunnels are used by the Hamas terrorists to kill, rape and bomb Israeli civilians and then they run back to the Gaza Strip to plot more dastardly deeds. Again, it’s like lumping in the Cliven Bundy militants and other radical Tea Partiers with all Republicans. Those tunnels are the only connection to the outside world that people in Gaza and the West Bank have. They only way they can get supplies of any form. That’s their only way out of an area that is occupied. Besides the Palestinian radical militants who use those tunnels for violence, there are also Palestinians who use those tunnels for peaceful purposes. No different than Republicans who aren’t pointing assault rifles at federal agents’ heads.

It’s insane that the America political system gets bogged down by money. Campaign finance reform is gone, crippled by Supreme Courts decisions that have defined corporations as people and Citizens United which allows unlimited influence. PACs can throw as much money as they want to their cause, so you will never get a true representation of the way things should be because you have all this money flowing in from all different directions. It’s a sad state that this is what controls our political system and our media.

Take a look at the spin created by media giants like The Washington Post. They make it seem like thousands of Israelis are killed and displaced from their homes and that Palestinians are nothing more than terrorist savages. It’s funny that Republicans whine about Hollywood’s influence on our culture and way of life. A Disney movie won’t start a war. A Quentin Tarantino flick doesn’t make policy. A movie does nothing but create mindless entertainment and escape from the reality that politicians create.

You want to see where the real influence is? Take a look at Washington, take a look at Congress, take a look at our leadership and you will see where their true hearts and minds are. It has nothing to do with compassion for Israelis, nothing to do with compassion for Palestinians or Africans or even Americans. In the words of an FBI agent to two reporters from The Washington Post during the Watergate investigations of the 70’s, “Follow the money.”

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