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(CLEARWATER, FL) — The Tampa Show began with a bang, well more like a little unappreciative violence from a bouncer at the adult club “OZ,” on US 19N in a small suburb just outside of Tampa.

It’s that time of year again where many adult stars, courtesy of Nightmoves Magazine, visit the Gulf Coast to make appearances at area strip clubs, shoot adult content and participate in an annual awards show. People like Ron Jeremy, Carmen Luvana, Seymore Butts, Kiki Daire’, Jacklyn Lick, Alexis Amore’, Wankus of KSEXradio, just to name a few, came in hopes of having a little fun and showing off their stuff, entertaining the fans at area gentlemen’s clubs.

Friday night, while traveling with the good folks at, Top Pro Talent was fortunate enough to spend time at a club called Bare ASSets with hot stars like Inari Vachs, Montana Gunn, Jezebel Bond as well as Daisy and India from Video Team. Immediately following, the caravan from AmawareXP made their way to another club where they spent a little time with Sean Michaels, Felicia Fox, Lisa Sparxxx, Alexis Fire, Simone, Vandalia and Fiona Cheeks.

All went well until the team arrived at OZ, a considerably larger club then the others and a packed house. 8000 square feet of dance poles, adorable house girls and a lot of stress for management. Many of the stars listed above were there as well as scattered others like AriaXXX, Jesse Jane, Dennis Hof, Sunset Thomas and Christi Lake, signing autographs and selling their wares.

OZ is in a part of town that only allows the ladies to show breasts with nipples covered since they are serving full alcohol. Prior to Sunset Thomas taking the stage for a feature set, allegedly a manager of the club [one witness said the owner] instructed her to bare all and not hold back. According to TPT’s source, Thomas questioned the act, knowing it was illegal for this type of behavior, in this part of town.

Management reportedly told Thomas that they would lock the front doors so the police couldn’t give them a surprise visit and gave her the clear to put on a wild show.

Meanwhile up in the DJ booth, Nightmoves Editor-In-Chief, Paul Allen was speaking with OZ management when Sunset began putting on one hell of a show. Allen freaked, questioning why someone would allow Thomas to break the rules, putting herself and the caravan of stars at risk of police action.

Allen later told Top Pro Talent, “I was concerned that if the police came, even if the club gave permission, she [Thomas] would go to jail.”

OZ management was so lackadaisical on the scene, Allen scrambled through the club trying to stop the risky behavior. Dan Friend of was suppose to do a stage show promotion, one he did in scattered other clubs throughout the evening, pushing his products but opted to pull his crew after the horrible treatment his staff received from the club.

As Paul worked damage control, a club bouncer sensing Allen’s aggravation, took it upon himself to assess the situation incorrectly and violently escort Allen out of the club.

One of the OZ house dancers told TPT, “He [the bouncer] grabbed that man by the throat, oh my god, this is so not necessary.”

Grab him by the throat is a little bit of an understatement. The bouncer slammed his wrist into Allen’s throat and pushed him out the front door of the club, knocking over anyone in his way, including adult legend Christi Lake, who sustained a few minor injuries on her knees and backside [not the kind of knee injuries she enjoys getting].

Allen, who can’t be taller then 5’4, was then restrained outside until club management could calm him and the bouncers, as to try and make any sense of the events that unfolded.

“Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the owner,” Allen said, “he’s always been good to us. We have a love-hate relationship, it’s an Italian thing, we have respect for one another. But that bouncer…I have a lot of problems with him.”

The day begins Saturday with a poolside bikini contest, more visits to strip clubs at night and a lot of aspirin for all the stars, as the average evening doesn’t stop until about 5am.


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