Football Player Forced to Eat Vomit

MOORE, Okla. — Two Moore football players who sued their school district for classroom reinstatement after being expelled for allegedly hazing a teammate were rebuffed by a Cleveland County judge Friday morning.

The judge said it was to allow school district officials another week to complete their investigative process.

This comes a day after the alleged victim, who claimed eight teammates forced him to eat vomit and lick up urine, said he complied with their demands because he was scared.

The Moore sophomore said he’s been asked several times why he didn’t fight back. He said that because he perceived he was involved in an 8-on-1 situation, he didn’t feel like he had much choice. The alleged victim plans to transfer to another school.

Oklahoma City attorney Mike Gassaway filed a suit on behalf of two of the football players — Chance Hoss and Victor Perez — and said his clients paint “quite a different picture” of what happened among a group of Moore football players last week. His clients said the alleged victim behaved the way he did of his own volition.

The Moore School District initially suspended several of the students for three days, but then — upon appeal — suspended some for the rest of the semester. In all, four students were suspended for the rest of the semester, and four were suspended for three days and then reinstated.

Gassaway said his clients merely were bystanders, initiating nothing against the teammate.

“They didn’t make this kid do anything,” Gassaway said. “They didn’t harass, intimidate, promise — didn’t say ‘Something bad is going to happen to you.’ Did nothing but watch this kid make an absolute fool out of himself.”

Gassaway noted that neither student has a history of bullying or inappropriate behavior.

The judge said that if the Moore School District fails to complete their due diligence on this matter by the end of next week, the plaintiffs’ case would then be heard next Friday.

More lawsuits against the district are reportedly in the works.

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