For Kayden Kross, Stoya and Robby D, Life After Manwin

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I don’t think Manwin’s in the financial lather everyone says they’re in. And to say their ship is foundering is wishful thinking. Especially with the news today that Manwin just acquired RedTube.

If you’re keeping score, Manwin adds that pirate site to its flotilla which consists of YouPorn, Spankwire, ExtremeTube, KeezMovies, Mofos, ExtremeTube, JuicyBoys and PornHub. I’ve sailed around enough pirate tubes to know I wouldn’t give you a red dime for RedTube or any of those other properties, but that’s me.

Which brings us to Kayden Kross, one of Manwin’s contract girls who is supposed to have told the company to fuck off because she didn’t like the way they were shooting.

My guess, and my guess only, is that Kross was going to be dumped over at Manwin’s Digital Playground, but the spin is being put on the story that Kross holds the upper hand.

Manwin I think realizes that contract girls in today’s tube generation are of little or no value. Especially one who is shot out like Kross. If you’re on the tubes, you know that Kross’ scenes are a dime a dozen.

The line on Kross is this: pretty face, but so what. There’s a sea of pretty faces who do everything she does and more on screen.

Rob Black addressed some of those issues Wednesday afternoon on his show,

“Zed [South] does a story about his little friend Kayden Kross,” says Black.

“Kayden’s been there the whole time at Digital Playground shilling for Fabian Theismann [sic]. The story is Kayden didn’t like the way they were shooting- why? Because they were shooting unsafe?

“Remember how Kayden Kross walked around with Fabian Theismann at the AVN convention like she was his girlfriend? She didn’t tell them to fuck off three years ago. When Manwin came in and bought the company, Kayden rubbed Fabian’s little sack. There’s fucking for money, but selling your soul to Manwin- that’s a whore.

“Walking around with him is being a whore. Now Manwin is purging itself of all its obligations because they realize they don’t have to pay shit.

“They’re telling everybody to come sue us in Luxembourg. Kayden Kross has a contract- here’s the guys from my fuck list- fuck you.

“Basically in the past month or two the money problems have now matriculated down to Manwin,” Black noted.

“After sucking their balls, talent is going fuck you and is jumping ship, fuck you- I quit. Think about it. What this business is, is pirates and scavengers. You’ve been sucking on Manwin’s tit for three years. Now they’re playing hardball- why are we paying you they’re saying – hit the bricks; go pull your shit with someone else. Go get a $100,000 contract with Steve Hirsch.

“If Kayden wants to stay in the business, unless she gets signed by Wicked, she’ll be having Belladonna shove bowling pins up her ass,” states Black.

“No other company is going to give her carte blanche except maybe Wicked which is her saving grace.

“Every day she has to pray to Jesus Christ her Lord and savior. Any of those people that live that privileged life like her got to pray to Jesus Christ that Steve Hirsch or Wicked will take them.”

Black, who then brought up Stoya, figures she makes big Manwin money.

“When that ends she’ll have to work for other companies. Most companies are Spiegler buddies where they tie you up and make you eat 17 loads. That’ll be fun.

“Considering the employees at Digital Playground are so scary talented, they’re being replaced by Craigslist employees.

“Just like people like free porn, they’ll work for free in porn,” Black observed.

“If you have the same qualifications as frying burgers, you can work at Digital Playground and sit in an office and do paperwork. You can go on set and hold a C-light.

“Why is Kayden Kross and people like her think they’re going to be game changers when they weren’t before? They’re sheltered. Is Kayden going to become a little fuck-slob? Stoya might. She’s James Deen’s girlfriend – he’s the one who puts girls’ heads through walls. Stoya will probably become a Spiegler gangbang girl and a piece of meat.

“Now that they stop paying you, you quit. Are we fucking stupid to believe that? Yeah, you quit. Kayden Kross had this fuck off attitude when Manwin bought the company. Even with a contract, she could have been a hellion. But she didn’t talk about Manwin pirating and tubesiting, and now the money is drying up, what are you going to do? With your scary talent what the fuck are you going to do?

“When Sirius boots them [Manwin] what are you going to do? I can’t fucking wait. What the fuck are you guys going to do when it’s over for Manwin? For those who think something else is coming along, assholes, at some point the lifeline ends.

“Oh you’ll work in the business. What you’re saying is Robby D that scary talent, think about the companies that are shooting with big budgets. You got Vivid and Hustler- both companies have done the $100,000 movies- that man Axel Braun has every facet of perception locked up at Huster and Vivid.

“If, by chance, you might get a Stuart Canterbury piece of shit project – but you want $100,000 to blow shit up? Oh, can you fuck yourself real quick? Thank you. Marci Hirsch: Robby, let me look at your asshole- go fuck yourself.

“Scott Taylor wouldn’t tolerate Lee Roy Myers, and he’s got Beau and Jackie- go fuck yourself. Wicked with Jonathan Morgan and Brad Armstrong- why would they fucking hire Robby D?

“Morgan and Armstrong are having their budgets cut. They’re not going to let some jadrool come in. Adam Hasner may give you an $8,000 budget and punch you in the face.

“This Manwin-Digital Playground-Kayden Kross-thing: I like Kayden, but she knows this is the writing on the wall. If she does awesome with her website she doesn’t need Manwin and Digital Playground and her other opportunity is to join the UAWA, and make a difference in the business.

“She can get off bullshit lawsuits and do what’s right. She can stand up and hold her head up high. Kayden Kross- you have a girl that’s married to Manuel Ferrara, and you have a girl completely opposite of what this business stands for.

“Kayden, I think this is the time to purge yourself of the filth-trash that has led you this long. This is the time to speak out and have a voice – a voice that can stand up and speak for the women of this business. This is time to shed Mike South, the Manwins, the Vivid lawsuit.

“Do the right thing- get rid of Manuel Ferrara. Do it for the women of this business. How you can look at yourself in the mirror with everything that’s going on when you can actually be a leader, man.

“Instead of Mike South playing these bullshit games, stand on your own two feet- walk out and free yourself of that lawsuit. Be a woman. Fight for the women of this business. You didn’t like what Manwin was doing with the boy-girl scenes? You should be behind Katie Summers. If it happened to you, you would be livid. That you don’t speak out is deplorable, that you would sit by and say nothing is deplorable.

“Your husband is okay with his boss [John Stagliano] hiding his HIV information. I don’t understand. There comes a point in everybody’s life when you see there’s more out there than what you’re doing.

“Don’t wait to fix it- do it now; this is the time. The UAWA needs you. Kayden Kross, you need to smarten up and be a strong, independent woman.

“Take that scarlet letter of shame off your chest and say I will stand up for the women of this business, and today starts your standing up and saying to John Stagliano enough is enough. We only have these moments in our lives one time. Stand up for the women and for Katie Summers.”

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