Former AVN Media Network CEO Darren Roberts Writing a Series of Books About the Industry

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Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Darren Roberts a part of that whole BabeNet network, infamous for the credit card banging process which basically opened the door to free porn? Just curious.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.— from – Former AVN Media Network CEO Darren Roberts has announced the upcoming release of the first volume in a series of books he’s written on the adult entertainment industry.

In The Unsexpected Story, Roberts speaks candidly with the key professionals behind porn to deliver what he says is a “unique insight into the minds of the industry executives, stars, marketers, and technology mavens who are responsible for the creation and management of the most successful and enduring brands in adult entertainment.”

As unique as the products they make, Roberts’ interview subjects’ influences remain instrumental to the growth, profitability, and sustainability of one of the most provoking and controversial businesses in the modern world, he asserts.

“The adult industry’s journey, development, and challenges have made it what it is and will carry it into the future,” Roberts said. “Regardless of the roadblocks it has faced or the controversy it inspires, there is little doubt the industry will work to maintain a platform that not only makes money, but also stays at the forefront of new media and technological advancements.”

Calling his tome engaging, conversational, and smart, Roberts promises that The Unsexpected Story goes where other industry tell-alls don’t, tracing the economic and technological lifespan of the vast adult entertainment industry through the personal experiences of the individuals who have made a lasting impression on the multi-billion dollar empire.


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