Former Playboy Mansion Party Planner Sues Hugh Hefner For Unfair Dismissal, Gender Discrimination

Los Angeles, CA, United States from – Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner has been sued by a former employee for alleged unfair dismissal. Jenny Lewis, who worked as a party planner for the Playboy Mansion for 11 years, was fired while she was on medical leave.

Lewis, who is being represented by Randall T. Garteiser of Singer & Garteiser LLP, filed 12 counts of liability complaint against Playboy Enterprises, naming founder Hefner as one of the defendants.

Lewis claims that she had the company’s blessing to take a medical leave to recover from a surgery. But on November 4, 2009, Playboy unlawfully terminated her employment while she was still on medical leave.

She cites incidences as well wherein she became a victim of retaliation for questioning certain practices that she believed to be a violation of the California Employment and Fair Housing act.

Lewis also accuses Playboy of gender discrimination, saying that at least five women were demoted in the back-office of the Mansion, while the management refused to demote any men that were in the similarly situated job positions.

She is asking for unspecified damages, including loss of earnings, salary, commission, bonuses, and for emotional distress and mental pain.

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