Former Playboy Playmate Latosha Marzolla continues MMA winning streak at Tuff-N-Uff; See the Fight

from – Former Playboy Playmate Latosha Marzolla, 30, continued her amateur MMA winning streak at Tuff-N-Uff last Friday at the Orleans in Vegas when she defeated Kate McGray via unanimous decision.

Marzolla effectively used her height and reach advantage to block McGrays numerous take down attempts. She also countered all punches with precise head and body shot combinations as well as leg kicks.

When McGray knocked Marzolla down at 3:17 in round one it almost looked like McGray was gaining the upper hand. But Marzolla proved to be quite efficient on the ground as she swiftly used McGraw’s attack to maneuver her over her shoulder while getting back on her feet.

Although Marzolla used the clinch extensively to control McGray during the stand up portion of the fight, it was ultimately her well-aimed punches, knees and kicks that earned her the win via unanimous decision, propelling her amateur mixed martial arts record to 2-0.

Aside from her experience as playmate, Marzolla appeared in the documentary Ring Girls with MMA pro fighter, Gina Carano. She has also tried her luck at professional wrestling but left the WWE due to injuries. Prior to her amateur MMA career she established herself as fearless muay thai kickboxer with a record of 9-3. She currently trains at Xtreme Couture under Shawn Tompkins.

Watch the Marzolla vs. McGray fight video below:

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