Former Stripper Promoting Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards to be Held July 21st

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Vancouver – from Suburban mom Trina Ricketts is challenging adult entertainer stereotypes by bringing the sex industry’s awards to Surrey — a town “full of strippers and rock ’n rollers.”

“We have a lot of working class people in Surrey. And a lot of adult entertainers do live and work here. It’s a good central place to live if you’re in any part of the industry,” said Ricketts, a former exotic dancer who’s organizing the Naked Truth Adult Entertainment Awards on July 21 at the Byrd Showroom Pub.

The awards started three years ago but it’s the first time they will be held in Surrey.

Ricketts said they were started as a way to positively celebrate those working in the adult entertainment industry, mostly women.

Exotic dancers, escorts, dominatrices, webcam workers, photographers, costume designers, advocates and sex industry suppliers will be honoured at the event.

“What people don’t realize is they very well could be living next door to an adult entertainer and she could be the best mom they’ve ever seen,” said Ricketts, a 38-year-old mother of three.

“That’s part of the purpose of the event is to show people that the industry can be ethical and has exemplary business people as well as caring contributing members of our communities,” she added.

The number of strip clubs in Surrey has dwindled in recent years and the industry still battles negative perceptions, including links to organized crime.

Byrd Pub manager Mark Aylott, however, said strip clubs are not the “den of iniquity” some think they are.

“It’s a bar and (nudity) is what we offer,” he said.

“We see that as a niche, because there are so few and people want to see some live entertainment — there’s no harm (in) nudity.”

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