Former WWE Wrestler Umaga Believed to Be Dead

from – Former WWE wrestler Edward Fatu, known as “Umaga” while working with WWE, is fighting what appears to be a losing battle for his life. According to F4W Online, Fatu (Umaga) fell asleep last night and was later discovered by his wife to be not breathing with blood coming out of his nose. The F4W story also claims that Fatu’s family have been told that Fatu had a heart attack.

Bryan Alvarez, founder of F4W Online, has stated on the website forums that Fatu (Umaga) has been taken off of life support “and not in the good way. Appears to be just a matter of time at this point.” The same forum claims that RD Reynolds, professional wrestling journalist and co-author of the book Death of WCW along with Alvarez, is reporting that “Eddie (Umaga) has been gone now for a few hours. Family is just grieving together now to make an official statement.”

Numerous pro wrestling websites, including Lords of Pain and F4W Online, reported that Fatu (Umaga) was fired from the WWE on June 8 of this year after failing a drug test for the second time. WWE offered to pay for Fatu (Umaga) to enter drug rehab and Fatu (Umaga) was fired when he declined the offer.

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