Frank Koretsky Hangs Out with Al Pacino; Has IVD Paid You Lately?

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Rob Black, has been all over Frank Koretsky this afternoon.

When you cannot pay your bills because of IVD, take a look at what Frank Koretsky’s doing with your money,” said Rob Black.

“He’s in Lamborghinis. He’s hanging out in England. This is a guy who’s hanging out with Al Pacino and going to the Olympics. Everybody calls me a scumbag. Art Attack calls me a scumbag because I went to prison and wasn’t able to pay them.

“But this piece of human garbage can control the entire distribution channel. You sell him a piece of product. You ask for your money. In 90 days you still don’t get your money then you have to give them a 20% discount.

“I don’t understand why this piece of human garbage gets a pass. I want to understand why Topco, why Nick Orlandino- why do they not cut Frank Koretsky out? Why does any video store/lingerie shop have to go through East Coast News to buy their novelties?

“Do video stores not understand where they can go? Why do we wait for our money and this cocksucker is hanging out with models, Ferraris and being a DJ? Him and his brother Kenny are DJ’ing parties. This is a guy whose family is loaded. They have a racing team. I’m lost, and you can’t get your money in 30 days?

“When you are trying to get paid Frank Koretsky is at the World Series, hanging around on his jet. He’s hanging around beautiful women. He’s at the World Series like he’s so fucking important and he’s wearing a badge so he can post the pictures.

“What a pretentious asshole. What a fucking little cunt. This is a 50 something old man with wife and children. He controls the business by selling your product. This is a guy who shakes you down. This is a guy who takes a picture of – hey guys look at my World series pass.

“Frank, who’s cock did you suck? That’s something a little girl would do at a rock concert – hey I’m a billionaire and I’m going to take a picture of my field badge and on my private jet going to my field badge.

“There are porn companies wanting to get paid – you won’t give me my money so I can pay people. If you were struggling and were trying to keep an empire afloat, but you’re hsnging out wityh Al Pacino- if that is fucking acceptable-

Black suggests irate pornsters go to to get an idea of Koretsky flaunts your money.

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