Frank Koretsky is a Junior Bernie Madoff; Takes Your Money And Makes Himself Rich

We’re back in business.

He’s a visionary. He’s a philanthropist. He’s an entrepreneur.

Ladies and gentlemen, he is Frank Koretsky.

The Frank Koretsky website is BACK! The subject of one of our most popular videos The wizard scumbag himself, Frank Koretsky has returned to the interwebs. The website disappeared for a while, but now it’s back.

Go to the website right now It’s priceless. I want everybody in the adult business to go to Because I think it’s very important for you all to know where your money goes.

Here’s a new development since we last visited the site. Frank Koretsky now has an investment company. I guess Frank Koretsky likes to invest other peoples money. You know, the money he steals from all of us in the porn business.

You look at your aging and you see Frank Koretsky, who owns IVD, Easy Coast News, Pure Play Media, Baci Lingerie, Vantage Distribution, Adventure Industries, Tom Byron Pictures, etc. You look at your aging and see that Frank Koretsky is past 60 days from when he owes that to you. You know why you’re 60 days past due? Because Frank Koretsky uses your money to invest in his other companies. He has investment properties. That’s why he has Koretsky Investments.

Do you understand? The money that you are owed for six months, the money that is rightfully yours, Frank Koretsky takes that money from your hard work and when you want to get paid, he will not pay you. He will make you wait months and months. Why will he make you wait months and months ladies and gentlemen? Because when you’re running Ponzi schemes and investment scams you need to have capital for your investments. Frank Koretsky is nothing more than a Bernie Madoff.

He uses your money to make more money. For himself. While all of you are sitting there starving, Frank Koretsky is hanging out on Lear Jets, in 30 foot limousines, hanging out in Atlanta with his multi-million dollar housing developments. All paid for with your money. This is what Frank Koretsky does.

Every single person in the adult business who is owed money by Frank Koretsky, what that sonofabitch does is take your money and invests it in his own projects. While you’re waiting four, five, six months for your money, Frank Koretsky is using your hard earned dollars to line his pockets with wealth that is unimaginable.

Actually it is imaginable. If you go to you will see. This is a greedy piece of dogshit.

What we’re looking at is someone who robs from every single person in the adult business. All of your money gets pooled into an investment company called Koretsky Investments. If you go to and click on the links, you will see all sorts of things that Frank is spending your money on. From A Cool Yogurt Place to Broadway Bar and Lounge to Tuscany Hills, which is a ritzy housing complex, to Country Florist and Gifts to Ivy Ventura Restaurant to Justin’s Bar and Lounge to Koretsky Autos to, of course, Koretsky Investments. Trust Our Experience. That’s what Frank Koretsky says.

Frank Koretsky takes your money and invests in his business entities and makes millions. When you ask for your rightfully owed money in less than a year, he tells you to get fucked.

Frank Koretsky is Bernie Madoff. The only difference is Bernie made billions. I don’t think Frank’s at billions yet. He’s only stolen a couple hundred million. He’s a junior Madoff. If you let this man continue what’s he doing, he will become a full grown Bernie Madoff.

Do you let this man continue to be a junior Bernie Madoff, or do you see him at a show and say, “Frank, you owe me $30,000 that’s past sixty days and if you don’t pay me, I’m gonna slap you like the little bitch that you are and while you’re on the floor picking up your teeth, I’m gonna have six HIV positive transsexuals come up and fuck you up your ass. So what’s it’s gonna be bitch boy?”

Koretsky Investments takes your rightfully owed money and uses it to make the Koretsky brothers richer. Do you understand this?

Or are all of you such spineless, gutless, uncreative bitches who are so preoccupied with sucking Frank Koretsky’s cock that you can’t even yell at him when he’s blatantly showing you that he takes everybody’s money and uses it as his own piggy bank?

This is a Ponzi scheme. Using money that is not his to build his own net worth. Ladies and gentlemen, Frank Koretsky is a piece of fucking shit.

To top it off, he is a man who will call a VOD company and steal $500.

Ladies and gentlemen, we talked about it on the show last night, but let me explain it to you again.

I did business with Frank Koretsky. I’ve done business with Frank Koretsky almost all of my life. My brother still does business with Frank Koretsky, stocking my father’s stores.

About two years ago, I got into a business deal with Frank, where we were “partners” in a company called Sinister Comixxx. Of course, like everything that happens with Frank Koretsky, it falls part because he fucks you. He reneges on everything he tells you. He sabotages everything, then he waves goodbye while you’re sucking on air trying to live and laughs all the way to the bank.

We took out ads with XBIZ. We were promoting Sinister Comixxx and Birds of Prey XXX. At the end of the day the bill was something like $5,500. Frank was supposed to pay this bill. It was part of our deal.

Yesterday I got an email from a man by the name of Fred Kahn. He works for a collection agency called Caine and Weiner. They are a collection agency that harasses people for money.

Apparently ADNET Media/XBIZ filed an invoice for $5503.28. This invoice has been sitting at the XBIZ offices for almost two years. The email that I got from Caine and Weiner stated that if I did not pay the $5503.28 they were going to refer it to their legal department.

Now you all know who XBIZ is. The company that does business with pedophiles. The company we’ve been talking about for months. Owned by Alec Helmy, Mr. Eurotrash himself. That company filed an invoice and turned it into a collection agency. Now Fred Kahn from Caine and Weiner is now emailing me and saying, “Hey, is you don’t pay us $5503.28 by Monday we are going to turn it over to legal and sue you.” I read this letter and thought, “Ha!”

So I emailed Fred back. This is what I said:

“Hello Fred. I guess you’re out of the porno loop. You’re just a collection agent for the Eurotrash who does business with pedophiles and child pornographers. Go ahead and put it into legal. I haven’t got 2 cents to rub together. I live above a strip club called Star Gardens with Tom Byron.”

“I guess you could take the welfare and government cheese that we get. But if you look at the court papers in my obscenity case, I am in debt to the tune of $275,000, which is why the government didn’t give me a one million dollar fine. Instead, they sent me and my wife to federal prison.”

“Now the company, Mr Kahn, is owned by Frank Koretsky. The movie Birds of Prey is also owned by Frank Koretsky. So you can get your $5500 from Frank Koretsky. Or you can file your lawsuit and get in fucking line.”

“You know what, Freddy? Listen to my radio show tonight at and I will talk about this further. And please give my warmest regards to Alec Helmy and Dan Miller. Real class acts.”

Hey Fred, I hope you’re listening to the show. I’d like to know where I can put my cock so you can put your lips around it and suck it.

While you’re sucking my cock, why don’t you also get Alec Helmy to also suck on my cock.

Why don’t you give old Frank Koretsky a call and ask him if Koretsky Investments can take a coupla dollars out and pay your fucking $5500 bill. Because if you think I’m gonna pay a bill that Frank Koretsky owes for product that Frank Koretsky stole from me and a company that Frank Koretsky stole from me, you are completely fucking delusional.

The funny thing is that this bill has been sitting on your desk for two years. You could’ve called two years ago or a year ago. Instead you wait until 2014 to demand payment for a bill that Frank Koretsky owes and threaten me with legal action.

Hey Helmy. Go fuck your mother. Take that bill, wipe your ass with it, mail it to Frank Koretsky and have him wipe his ass with it, have him send it back and roll that shit up and smoke it.

Alec Helmy, you’re a piece of shit. XBIZ is a piece of shit. Frank Koretsky is a piece of shit. You’ve all got a lot of fucking balls. It’s apparent that this is nothing more than a political attack because you don’t like the things I’ve been saying about you.

Welcome to the major leagues fuckhead. Get used to it cocksucker.

And Frank Koretsky, you’re nothing but a fucking scam artist. A Ponzi scheming Bernie Madoff in the making. You are a bitch punk, your wife is a bitch cunt and so are your kids. Anyone associated with you is a bitch punk. You are a worthless cunt.

You steal everything from us and then have the audacity to sit there with XBIZ and try to shake us down for $5500?

I hope you die a slow cancer ridden death. And when that happens, I will piss on your fucking grave and have a party because ding dong the bitch will be dead.

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