Frank Koretsky: Porn’s Big Lebowski

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The Grand Vizier writes: “Earlier today you referred to Fabian from Manwin as porn’s mystery man. He might have a strong challenger in Frank Koretsky.

“Koretsky owns IVD Distributors and also heads up Baci Lingerie, although he doesn’t want that information about Baci getting out.

“If you go on the Internet, Koretsky is portrayed as this Big Lebowksi character, a philanthropist and “visionary” who runs the Koretsky Family Foundation.

“Read the bio. If that isn’t the movie Big Lebowski being described I don’t know what.

“According to more of the Koretsky sanitized resume, he grew up in Levittown, Pennsylvania, which is your old neck of the woods, I believe.

“There’s all kinds of stuff about him being a former DJ, an investor in residential/commercial real estate, an owner of an upscale restaurant & bar in South Beach, Florida; a high-end billiards sports bar and a flower shop of all things.

“But little is made of the fact that Koretsky, who likes to post pictures of himself hanging out with the likes of Al Pacino, [pictured with Koretsky] is one of the biggest players in the adult arena.

“If you caught Tom Byron’s recent interview with XBiz there’s some indications of chinks in the Koretsky armor.

“For starters, Koretsky is being sued by former employee Mike Savage, and there’s word on the street that John Cornetta, who owned adult video stores in Georgia and who was involved with Koretsky in some business ventures including a magazine, I believe, is suing him also.

“Word also on the street is that Koretsky absolutely climbed the wall when Byron let the cat out of the bag that he [Byron] hasn’t been associated with Tom Byron Pictures [owned by Koretsky via Exquisite] for at least a year.

“There’s also all kinds of juicy stuff behind the scenes which involves Adam Hasner who’s Koretsky’s general manager.

“To insiders, Hasner is known as The Black Dahlia of porn. He was with Bizarre Video. That company went under. He was with Jill Kelly Pictures. That company went under, and he called the shots over at Tom Byron Pictures and Byron finally had to publicly disassociate himself from the company because he was getting screwed on money left and right.

“Essentially Koretsky & Co. wanted Byron to deliver the same kinds of movies but a lot cheaper which meant that Byron would have had to take the money out of his own pocket to make up the difference. When that didn’t happen, Tom Byron Pictures essentially became a compilation house.

“I will definitely have more to tell you tomorrow.”

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