Fred Willard Comments: It Was Embarrassing as Hell

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from – Most people would have a hard time trying to get back up after Fred Willard’s embarrassing arrest last week, but the 72-year-old actor is just trying to laugh it off.

Known for comedic roles in the “American Pie” series and “Anchorman,” the actor was caught engaged in lewd behavior during the screening of an adult movie at the Tiki Theater in Hollywood.

In an effort to save face, Willard appeared on Thursday’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and opened conversation with a tongue-in-cheek inquiry.

“Jimmy, what do you want to talk about first?” he jokingly asked.

The hilarious banter that followed – which included Fallon asking, “The movie you went to see, was it ‘The Firm?’ Was it ‘Free Willy?’ Was it ‘Anaconda?’” – did have some serious interludes, especially when Willard repeated his lawyer’s statement that he did not violate the law.

“I did nothing wrong,” he claimed, “Everything is being sorted out as we speak.”

He also admitted to the humiliating nature of the run-in, saying, “It was embarrassing. Embarrassing as hell.”

But, in the end, if there is a silver lining to be found in this media debacle, Willard has found it in a surplus of new material.

“It’s the last time I’m going to listen to my wife when she says, ‘Why don’t you go out to see a movie?’” he said.

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