Free Speech Coalition Does Business With Convicted Child Rapist Kurt Brackob

Monica Foster sent me some information. People have issues with Monica because she tells the truth. She puts it all out there for all of you to look at and you hated it. And you hated her for doing it. Other people came along and start echoing some of the things she said. Now she doesn’t seem like such a kook. She still does that kooky Jesus/God thing, but 90% of what she comes up with is true.

Monica has been sending me information of people who are associated with Diane Duke and that whole Free Speech Coalition crew. It’s really hard to believe. But it’s stuff that’s out there, and it just seems unbelievable to me.

Monica sent me information that there is a known pedophile working with the Free Speech Coalition.

Yes, you read that right.

Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Julie Meadows aka Lydia Lee and attorney Marc Randazza presented a panel discussion in April in Las Vegas. One of the people who participated in this discussion was a convicted pedophile.

His name is August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow. He was convicted and was sent to prison for having sex with a 13 year old child.

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He was the treasurer of the Nevada Libertarian Party before he was forced to resign because of financial improprieties. He also heads a political action committee called Prosper Now.

This from the Washington Times

“A court found an American historian guilty of sexual perversion and sexual abuse of minors on Wednesday and sentenced him to the maximum seven years in prison.”
“Kurt W. Treptow, of Miami Beach, Fla., was prosecuted after he reportedly invited two girls, ages 10 and 13, into his home in Iasi, a city 200 miles northeast of Bucharest.”
“Treptow, 39, was arrested in October with a Romanian accomplice, Tatiana Popovici. She was found guilty of similar charges and also received a seven-year sentence. Treptow and Popovici also were ordered to pay a total of $35,000 in damages to the victims. Their attorneys said they would appeal.”
“Treptow’s attorney, Liviu Bran, claimed his client had sex only with the 13-year-old girl, but that he didn’t know she was a minor.”

I’m trying to grasp what I’m seeing and reading here. This is a sex offender and was a child fucker overseas. He was fucking kids in Romania. He actually went to prison for four years. For fucking kids that were ten and thirteen years old.

His supporters say that his prosecution was politically motivated. He spent time in a Romanian prison, but it was all politically motivated. So the four years that he spent in a Romanian prison were all made up, trumped up charges of him fucking kids. and that people in Romania wanted to silence him because he was this great political leader.

He serves four years of a seven year sentence and now, with these trumped up charges, he’s in Nevada listed as a registered sex offender.

Maybe they all made it up in Romania. Maybe there really are all these political conspiracies. But I gotta tell ya, as far as political conspiracies go, that’s a pretty big one. I don’t hear of too many senators involved in big child fucking scams. A girl sitting on Gary Hart’s lap next to a boat called Monkey Business is a far cry from Gary Hart sticking his prick in a ten year old.

Nonetheless, this guy, who is involved with Free Speech Coalition, happened to be close enough to children that, even with a game of political gotcha, he had to be somewhat close to kids because where’s there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. People don’t just out of the fucking blue come up with calling a guy a child fucker.

I’m being told that this person actually has meetings in person with Diane Duke and others associated with Free Speech Coalition.

Now if all of this is just made up out of the thin blue sky I will be the first to admit it. I will say I made it all up and you can put me in jail for libel and slander. But it’s all there, in black and white… It’s just fucking bizarre. I mean, the guy admits that he fucked a thirteen year old, but he didn’t know she was thirteen.

This is a guy who is hanging out with Diane Duke and the people at Free Speech Coalition. They had a fundraiser in Vegas. This is a guy they’re hanging out with. A guy who fucks kids.

First of all, why are you bringing ten and thirteen year olds into your home who are not relatives, or poor lost children looking for mommy and daddy? Other than that, why the fuck are you bringing a ten and thirteen year old child into your home?

This piece of garbage invites a ten and a thirteen year old child to his house, along with a 39 year old female accomplice. Two grown adults. He says he doesn’t fuck the ten year old. He fucks the thirteen year old. But he says he thought she was older.

I just can’t fucking believe this. I can’t believe that a fucking pedophile is chillin with the adult business. How long has this been going on? I want to know how long these people have been hanging out with a child fucker.

Does everyone know who Lydia Lee is? She worked in the business as Julie Meadows. She is a Diane Duke flunky. She is someone who claims she is a porn star and is some type of authority of the adult business because she made her living for a decade in the adult business.

I just got an email that says Julie Meadows is hanging out with Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow of Liberty Prospers.

Lydia Lee aka Julie Meadows hangs out with child fuckers. Spin it however you want. He fucks kids.

I’m getting more information here that attorney Marc Randazza is one of Mike South’s advertisers.

So by three degrees of pedophilia, Mike South promotes it. You know how you got Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? You could play that game here, except you only need three degrees. Mike South, pedophile. You say no way. OK, Kurt Brackob fucks kids. He chills with Marc Randazza. Randazza advertises with Mike South. I win.

That’s the game. Three degrees of pedophilia with Kurt Brackob. Marci Hirsch, pedophile. No fucking way! OK, Kurt Brackob fucks ten and thirteen year olds. Kurt Brackob is intertwined with Free Speech Coalition. Marci Hirsch sits on the FSC board. I win again!

Let me ask you Mike South. Let me ask all you message board losers that hide behind fake names. How the fuck can you say Rob Black is a bad guy and Rob Black is bad for the business because he’s got such a checkered past, how the fuck can you be worse that a fucking pedophile?

That’s what you got with Free Speech Coalition and everyone who associates with Kurt Brackob. Including Mike South’s advertiser Marc Randazza. Now Marc Randazza, if I’m out of line please tell me. But you’re involved in a panel discussion with a guy who fucks ten and thirteen year olds. Oh, I’m sorry he only fucked the thirteen year old. But he thought she was eighteen.

Let me ask you this Kurt Brackob. If you thought the thirteen year old was eighteen, how old did you think the ten year old was? And what was the ten year old doing while you were fucking the thirteen year old? Where do you draw the line?

Let me ask you this Diane Duke, Mike South, Marc Randazza, Lydia Lee, where do you draw the line? Does everybody know that Free Speech Coalition does fundraisers with a fucking pedo?

Let Mike “Drudge” South the pedo supporter, let him defend this dirty cocksucker Kurt Brackob. Let the fuckin jerkoffs on his message board try to defend this piece of shit.

I can’t believe all these people didn’t know. They had to have known. I can’t believe that Diane Duke’s gonna wake up tomorrow and go, “You mean we had a pedophile among us?” They all knew this guy was a fucking pedo. And they all hid it.

This has got to be the most disturbing news I’ve ever heard. I’m fucking disgusted.

Can anyone tell me how the fuck they’re gonna spin this? Can anyone tell me how they are gonna say it’s all right to hang with a fucking child fucker?

It never ceases to amaze me when people in the business try to defend something that’s indefensible. There is no defense for fucking a child. None.

Yet I’m told that I can’t get anyone to follow or support me because I’m harsh with people and call them names. There are people who agree with what I say but are afraid to speak up because of the perception that they are aligned with Rob Black.

How can you feel you shouldn’t be attacked when you hang out with Kurt Brackob who is a fucking pedophile?

Kurt Brackob is someone who stole the innocence from a thirteen year old child. Remember what it was like when you were thirteen. Think about that. Eighteen seemed so far away. Thirteen, where you had a party and everyone said, congratulations you are now officially a teenager. Think about everything you went through from thirteen to eighteen. Your first kiss. Your first love.Your first car. And this sick son of a bitch put himself right in the middle of that period that when we get to be forty we wish we could all go back to.

Kurt Brackob stole something from a thirteen year old girl that she will never get back. There is no thirteen year old girl that wants to be sexually penetrated by a forty year old man. She was raped. Kurt Brackob raped a thirteen year old child.

A thirteen year old girl is going to remember the day a forty something year old man and a forty year old woman accomplice raped her and her ten year old friend. They were prosecuted and it was in the media and they went to prison. It was controversial, it was public. It made the news worldwide. It is something a thirteen year old and a ten tear old are going to remember for the rest of their lives.

When all this news goes around the business, I imagine that we’re still not gonna hear from Diane Duke and company about this either. We’re gonna get the same response that we got from them on the Alex Gonz hepatitis C issue. Which is complete fucking silence.

But you know what? We’re not gonna let this one go. How can an organization let anyone be associated with them that is a convicted child fucker?

So I want my supporters to get on the horn tomorrow and let everybody know that the organization that represents the adult business is aligned with a sexual predator. A pedophile.

I want to let you know that until this piece of shit is excommunicated from the business, that every single one of you who supports this garbage is just as fucking guilty as he is. Anyone who doesn’t point that out, anyone who makes excuses for this scumbag is just as much of a child fucking predator as he is.

Until this is addressed and resolved, everyone who supports Free Speech Coalition condones pedophilia.

I guess Rob Black isn’t such a bad guy after all.

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