Free Speech Coalition Says Filming Permits Are Down Because of Condom Law

Free Speech Coalition has risen from the dead.

AVN and XBIZ are reporting that FSC has issued a press release. You’re asking, “Are they finally addressing the hepatitis C issue?”

No, I’m afraid not.

They don’t comment about hepatitis C, They don’t comment about Derek Hay taking control of the testing protocols, none of that. Nope.

Somehow the geniuses figured it would be a good time to regurgitate bullshit. And the holes in the bullshit are beyond belief.

Let me read this to you guys:

“According to information from film permitting agency FilmLA, only 24 permits for adult film productions in Los Angeles County have been filed as of their last report in 2013. That number is down significantly from approximately 480 permits filed by this time last year and prior to last November’s passage of Measure B , L.A. County’s controversial condom mandate for adult film productions.”

Did you guys hear that? Did you?

Who the fuck is advising the brain trust over there? Anyone who supports Free Speech Coalition are responsible for their ludicrous statements.

How do you compare any statistics in a real world situation with what has been going on in the adult business for the past year and a half?

You say film permits are down. But wasn’t the industry closed down a substantial period of time because of disease outbreaks that you helped cause?

Bang! Pow! That’s a gaping bullet hole in your theory of why permits are down!

I can’t believe nobody in that room discussing this considered that from the start of the Mr. Marcus syphilis episode to the Clover syphilis episode to multiple HIV outbreaks, comparing data from a previous year would make no fucking sense when the industry was shut down 30% of the time?

Throw in hepatitis C which had multiple performers fleeing or in exile, Manwin imploding, companies going out of business or just not shooting new content and releasing comps. Not to mention companies that imposed their own moratoriums because they felt the FSC moratorium was lifted too soon.

So how the fuck can Diane Duke put out a press release saying because the condom law passed people aren’t getting permits. Diane, when the shutdowns occurred, do you account for that?

If you do basic math and say out of over 400 permits that you say were filed the previous year, if you break it down and say people are pulling a permit a day, if you’re not shooting for 3-4 months you cut that number almost in half. Just take out all the days when people weren’t shooting because of moratoriums.

Then take into account all the companies like Hustler who were in full production mode last year and aren’t shooting now. Larry Flynt is more concerned with his casinos and cable operations.

Everybody sits in the boardroom and listens to Diane Duke present this idea for a press release that says permits are down because of condoms. Really? What statistics are you using?

I can’t believe nobody looked at the numbers and said this doesn’t add up. A child could look at this and see where the figures are flawed.

It is absurd and disgusting for Diane Duke to tout a number and say this is why we shouldn’t protect the health and safety of the workers of this business. Look at all the money you’re gonna lose from permit fees. As if the city is going to say, “Hmm, that money could be used for school lunch programs. Diseased hookers or hungry children? OK you’re right. No condoms.”

But it does a disservice to the adult worker when you use flawed statistics to bolster your argument. When you don’t take into account the moratoriums, declining business and general hysteria surrounding this past year’s disease outbreak, you’re selling the talent short and putting them in danger and for what?


The Free Speech Coalition likes to spin that they are looking out for performers best interests. Bullshit. Not when you’re putting out statements that are so blatantly false and destructive.

Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition are purposely destroying this business. Other than that, I don’t know any other explanation, when they are giving AIDS Healthcare and Isadore Hall so much ammunition to use against us.

Why would they put out press releases like this and still not talk about hepatitis C? Or Derek Hay instituting his own testing protocols?

Derek Hay put out a press release a month ago saying he was basically going the take charge of the business. That they controlled 75% of the talent and they service 95% of the producers of adult product.

In any other industry, if a leader of an organization said something like that, they would be taken very seriously.

Derek Hay said that no one had to test every fifteen days, that producers were going to have to pay an extra 20% across the board for every production day for all talent. A litany of new policies that were going into effect. It was a direct hit at Free Speech Coalition and every production company. Yet FSC and the industry leaders didn’t say anything about it.

Then what happened three weeks later was a carefully choreographed strategic attack. Derek Hay comes out and tells the entire industry that Alex Gonz has hepatitis C. Alex Gonz was permitted to work with hepatitis C by Free Speech Coalition and PASS. And he worked with hundreds of performers. That’s it. See ya later.

Alex Gonz hasn’t been heard from since. Derek Hay moves out of the Vivid building to an undisclosed location in Vegas. I reported on it and Mike “Drudge” South says, “That’s not true. But he does have an office there.”

Free Speech Coalition has been under attack by the number one organization that represent talent, LATATA. They were told that a performer has worked with hepatitis C with their knowledge and their testing protocols were going to be ignored. Yet they have only put out two press releases since. One for a fundraiser in Vegas and now a bullshit claim of lost revenue for the city because of condoms.

Diane Duke and Christian Mann are nowhere to be found except in a press release that touts bogus numbers. AVN puts it out, XBIZ puts it out. Hopefully Mike Drudge’s more intelligent message board posters will discuss and support my position of how can you use numbers that are statistically incorrect to deny adult workers the right to protect themselves.

Even though there were all these moratoriums in place for however long, it doesn’t mean that responsible producers still weren’t shooting when there were all these whispers of disease were going around like the Clover syphilis episode.

We basically had a shortened season like when there is a baseball strike. You don’t count statistics when you don’t play a full season, or you at least mention the fact that a season wasn’t complete.

That’s why it’s amazing that no one on Free Speech Coalition board of highly educated people said that we can’t use these statistics. They’re flawed. We had a shortened season.

We’ve never had the national spotlight on us more than this past year when it comes to disease. People retired. There are porn actors who are gone because they have hep C.

Before Rob Black came along and forced you people to question this bullshit, you took all of what Free Speech Coalition said as the truth and believed that they were looking out for you. Now they’re putting out statements with statistics that a fifth grader would say don’t make sense.

They didn’t call me The Master of Puppets for nothing. Todd Blatt always told me you need a jew in a suit. People who didn’t like to deal with straight talking Italians need a jew in a suit. I had his brother Jon Blatt who was the most awesome jew in a suit ever. Jon Blatt was the greatest asset I ever had. He built bridges and brought me business, but he was also the guy who could bring the hammer down when need be.

Free Speech Coalition is a jew in a suit who needs an Italian to tell them what to do.

Rob Black would’ve told the suits at FSC to absolutely not tout any figures from the HIV season. Baseball had the steroid season, we had the HIV season. Not to mention syphilis and hepatitis C.

Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Alex Rodriguez all have an asterisk on their records even though they were awesome players.

2013 in the porn industry has a big fucking asterisk next to it and Diane Duke doesn’t even acknowledge it.

Permits are down because of the condom law. ASSHOLES! We had people coming down with HIV!

Somebody call Todd and Jon Blatt please.

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