offering $6 PPL & iPad Minis via announced today they’re paying $6 per free lead and rewarding affiliates with iPad Minis through their affiliate program. This is presently the highest paying Pay Per Lead offering in the adult cam affiliate space.

“We crunched the numbers since our beta launch started and we found that
several countries are doing incredibly well for us so we can now offer
incredibly competitive payouts for totally free leads,” said Gerard (Mr.
Romance), the Director of Sales for the company.

The company lists on the following country Tiers and
associated payouts:

*Tier 1 Countries $6.00 / Free Lead:*

Australia, Finland, France, Sweden

*Tier 2 Countries $3.00 / Free Lead*

Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway,
Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

*Tier 3 Countries $1.00 / Free Lead*

Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Belgium, Bermuda, Chile, Colombia,
Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Qatar, Russia,
Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates is also running a promotion where on top of regular
commissions, for every 15 joins (paying members) sent a webmaster will get
a free iPad Mini.

“People really love the iPad Mini deal! Since there’s no limit we’ve got
affiliates giving their entire family iPads for Christmas!” added Terry M,
the company’s Director of Traffic Acquisition.

Webmasters and affiliates who wish to participate in the Free Lead program
and iPad Mini promotion may contact the company at [email protected][image:

Look up in Salesforce] or create an account at

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