French model who appeared naked in Playboy at age 11 is suing her OWN MOTHER for taking the picture

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This story is so Roman Polanski, don’t ya think?

from – A French actress is suing her mother for taking pornographic pictures of her when she was a child – and passing them to Playboy.

Eva Ionesco was the youngest ever model in the magazine when she was pictured naked aged 11.

Now her photographer mother Irina has been ordered to pay 10,000 euros in damages to Eva for taking the explicit pictures of her in the 1970s, when she was between four and 12.

The court in Paris also ordered Ionesco to hand over negatives of the pictures to her daughter Eva, a French actress who said she had suffered a ‘stolen childhood’ because of the photographs.

But it rejected her demand for 200,000 euros ($263,000) in damages and for her mother to be barred from profiting from the photographs.

Ionesco was well-known in the 1970s for her erotic photographs, especially the controversial ones of her daughter, which appeared in a number of publications including European editions of magazines Playboy and Penthouse.

The photographs of Eva, now 47, were taken in the 1970s between the ages of four and 12 by her photographer mother Irina.

Eva became the youngest model to appear nude in Playboy when she featured aged 11 in an October 1976 edition.

Her photographs as a child were also published in Penthouse. Her lawyer Jacques-Georges Bitoun told the court that the 1970s ‘were an era when paedophile networks still had a lot of influence’.

‘How can one open the legs of a four year old girl and take a snap?’ he said. ‘If art is photographing a child in these positions, I understand nothing of art,’ he said, adding: ‘The child is never presented as a child’ but as a ‘disguised prostitute’.

Ionesco’s lawyer Rene-Jean Ullmann argued that the 1970s were a ‘more permissive’ time and spoke of the actress’s alleged ‘hatred for her mother’.

Eva publicised the bizarre details of her relationship with her mother in her 2011 film ‘My Little Princess,’ starring Isabelle Huppert.

She made her movie debut at the age of eleven in 1976, playing a child in Roman Polanski’s movie The Tenant. In 1977 her mother lost custody of her children and Eva was brought up by the parents of footwear designer Christian Louboutin.

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