From AEE: Christian Audigier Designing Condoms

from Christian Audigier, the French designer behind the rhinestone- and tiger-embracing Ed Hardy brand has expanded his empire of sleaze to include condoms.

Yes, condoms.

It all makes sense. After all, only one photo of embattled reality-TV star Jon Gosslin sporting an Ed Hardy T-shirt is needed to remind people of the importance of using protection during sex. Don’t want one — never mind eight — children wrapped around your feet asking why you cheated on mommy with a 22-year-old? Wrap that ‘lil buddy up.

The ultra-premium latex products have set up shop at Adult Entertainment Expo in search of potential retailers. I assume a dispenser inside the bathrooms at Christian Audigier the Nightclub is a given, but no confirmation yet.

Wherever they end up, the condoms supposedly dazzle consumers with their high-end natural latex, made from trees in Malaysia rather than man-made, smellier, un-tastier polyurethane used by most brands on the market.

Thank God they won’t dazzle with anything else, though. The spokeswoman in Christian Audigier’s booth reassures me the condoms do not have rhinestones, studs or tattoos-like prints on them.

“No ‘love kills’ logo on the condoms,” she insists. “That’s a bit of a mood killer.”

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