From The AdultFYI Mailbag : Memories of Taboo American Style and Angela Summers

I got a lot of responses to the article I wrote about taking over AdultFYI. Thanks for comments and best wishes, I really appreciate it. I also got a coupla questions from fans that I would like to share with you.

Matt writes:


During the glory days of adult filmmaking when features were still being shot on
film, what was it like working on the 1985 4 part mini series Taboo American Style? 

Was that filmed in California or New York? What was Henri Pachard like? Also at the
end of that series (4th part) , during credits a voice over said the series would
continue with new episodes. Do u know why no other episodes were filmed, especially since that had to have been one of the highest quality adult films ever produced.

I always thought that was some of your best acting doing dialogue, along with a
great scene u did with Raven.

Well those are some of the adult fyi questions I had for u for the site.



Great questions Matt!

Taboo American Style was indeed one of my favorite projects I ever participated in, along with Kinky Business, Sister Dearest and of the course the film that I still get asked about today, Private Teacher with the “OG” MILF Kay Parker. WWE wrestling superstar Mick Foley mentioned it in his book Foley is Good. Oh, and for the record I don’t remember saying Kay smelled like my grandmother. I think I said she wore the same perfume.

Those films kinda put me on the map back in the 80’s. The last of the so-called “Golden Era” of adult film. Unfortunately, Kinky Business and Sister Dearest both had the then underage Traci Lords in them and were pulled from distribution. I think they were released again with the Lords footage excised and re-edited with new scenes.

OK back to Taboo American Style and Matt’s questions.

We filmed most of Taboo in a town near Asbury Park, New Jersey called Deal. We stayed at a motel in Asbury Park. It was a long shoot, I think I worked on it for 16 days in all, but they shot a lot more in New York and other places. It was my first time in New York City. What an overwhelming experience. I love that town.

It was also my first time shooting with iconic director Henri Pachard aka Ron Sullivan, director of classic films like Babylon Pink and The Budding of Brie. When I heard who was directing the film, I was thrilled. I had the honor to work with most of the legendary directors of the Golden Age, including Gerard Damiano of Deep Throat fame, Anthony Spinelli, Robert McCallum, etc. I also worked on Gregory Dark’s first big film, the original New Wave Hookers.

Ron was a hoot. A brilliantly creative man with a taste for vodka and cocaine. He had a great heart, and knew how to communicate what he wanted in a scene. I have a lot of fond memories of Ron, including a trip to France to shoot a bunch of movies back in the late 80’s.

Ron gave me the part at Raven’s suggestion. She had worked for him in a few movies back then, including Supergirls Do The Navy. Raven was a girl I really liked a lot. In fact, the scene we did together was a really emotional experience for me. Paul Thomas also gave me props when asked about me, saying I was “prodigious.” Thanks PT. PT and I have since worked on a lot of award winning productions.

I know that they had planned to do more episodes of the series, but the arrival of the videocassette and the closure of many adult theaters back then made such epic productions no longer financially viable. Plus, the incest theme made a lot of video distributors nervous in the 80’s when everyone was getting busted and were reluctant to stock it. A shame, really. I knew Ron had some great ideas for the sequels.

Ron died in 2008 after a long battle with cancer. I miss him a lot. A great, great man.

Here’s another question.

Al writes:

Hey Tom,

Congrats on your new job, I look forward to reading your column. I was a huge fan
of Angela Summers, if you have any funny or interesting stories about her, please
share them.

Hmm Angela Summers… What I remember about her most is her great smile. She always seemed to be in a great mood and it was always a treat to work with her. She also had a brother that worked in the industry as a production assistant.

I introduced Angela to a mainstream movie executive I knew at a party once and the guy was so appreciative he hooked me up with passes to the MTV Awards. That was really cool. I think they dated for a while.

Keep the letters coming guys. It’s fun to go down memory lane. It’s been an amazing 31 year trip in the biz and I cherish the opportunity to share my experiences with you. You can reach me at [email protected]

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