From the Another Playmate Does Playboy Proud Files: Colleen Shannon arrested for smuggling

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from – Colleen Shannon, a 2004 Playboy Playmate, was arrested for smuggling a man into the United States. It is possible the man she attempted to smuggle across the border of Canada is her boyfriend.

TMZ also reported on August 17 that Colleen Shannon is currently being held in the Clinton County Jail in New York. It is unknown if the Playboy Playmate will be granted bail.

The federal law that Colleen Shannon broke prohibits “bringing in and harboring aliens.” If the Playmate is convicted, she could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

“This is almost comical,” Mike Young, from Oklahoma City, said. “We have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding into the U.S. from Mexico and they catch a Playboy model with some guy at the Canadian border. This is just the opposite of straining at gnats and swallowing camels.”

Collen Shannon is expected to go before a judge later today. She should be informed of the charges against her and it is possible bail will be set.

With illegal immigration being such a hot topic during the 2012 election, it will be interesting to see how the judge in Clinton County, New York handles this case. Although most Americans are more concerned about the illegal immigrants coming from Mexico, there is still a problem with border control to the north.

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