From the Fat Chance Dept.: Oxford Educated Cindy Gallop Aims to “Reform Porn”- an Update

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from – An Oxford graduate has set up an erotic website aiming to promote a tasteful style of adult video in a challenge to hardcore pornography.

British businesswoman, Cindy Gallop, wants to urge more people to ‘make love, not porn’, believing her site is the sex education aid of the future.

The 52-year-old claims that too many people – particularly young men – are learning their bedroom techniques chiefly from viewing hardcore porn on the internet, which makes them inconsiderate lovers.

She aims to ‘reform porn’ and ‘rehabilitate’ the younger generation with an alternative campaign for tasteful erotica.

‘When you have sex with younger men you see the creeping ubiquity of hardcore porn in the culture, in an era where it is more freely and widely available than ever before and kids are accessing it younger and younger,’ said Gallop to The Observer newspaper.

Her new website,, seeks to offer an alternative to hardcore porn.

Miss Gallop, who studied English literature at Oxford and now lives in New York, believes parents and sex education teachers still give too little guidance about how to develop healthy sexual relationships.

Miss Gallop, who is enthusiastically single and unashamed to date men less than half her age, said hardcore porn had become the de facto sex education for men in their early twenties.

She aims to re-educate people via the internet, ‘so that young men don’t think that’s always the normal way of behaving in the bedroom and their girlfriends don’t have to pretend to like it’.

Her website features couples and individuals engaging in real-life sexual activities with the kind of genuine passion and intimacy missing from most porn.

One popular video shows a couple who work in the pornography business, showing for the website how they make love together outside their work – with each partner enjoying equal pleasure and control.

‘I wanted to separate the myths of hardcore porn behaviour from the reality of healthy but hot sexual relationships,’ she said. is expected to go fully live before the end of the year.

Invited members pay $5 per video chosen from the menu, and contributors who star in their own erotic show submit videos for inclusion on the site.

The website is for over-18s only but Miss Gallop eventually wants to create gift vouchers that can be bought for younger teenagers.

She says they are accessing hardcore porn online anyway and her website offers a more healthy form of sex education.

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