From the Promises, Promises File: First BiBi Jones, Now Riley Steele Quits; Something’s Wrong at Digital Playground; Her Cards Said There Would Be Changes for the Better

VAN NUYS, Calif. — from – Riley Steele, the Digital Playground contract star, has called it quits.

In a feed [Wednesday night] on her MobyPicture site, Steele said: “I just wanted to post an audio stating that i am quitting porn. I am not going to be do anything else. I, as well as BiBi Jones, have been promised a lot of things and i have not been owned up to anything. I am so sorry to all my fans and … I have to just let this go.”

Steele, before starting her adult film career worked at Starbucks and at a golf course snack bar, met porn star Jesse Jane at the signing for “Pirates,” where Jane advised her to get into the adult film business.

Steele later contacted Joone, founder of Digital Playground, who signed her to an exclusive contract. Her first scene was in the 2008 film “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge,” and she later starred in more than 40 roles.

Just yesterday, Digital Playground contract star Jones announced her retirement from adult performing in a video she posted on YouTube.


This is what Riley’s cards had to say: Riley’s “draw” card is the Star. Whoa, that’s a pretty good card coming out of the box, and it assures Riley that whatever career she eventually chooses, she can rise to the top of her profession. Is she wasted in porn? One would almost think, although there’s some lessons for her to learn by being and remaining in the business for the time being.

Although I don’t see that happening much longer. I think there are times when Riley longs for the simpler days. Virgo women are nostalgic that way and often bring up the past. The part where that’s no good, is if their husband or boyfriend screw up, the Virgo woman will never let them live it down.

Riley used to work in a Starbucks and from what her cards tell me, those were happy times for her. The cards also give an indication that people from her past will show up again, if for no other reason, than to say hello and happy holidays.

Is one of them a past boyfriend who may be an air sign [Gemini, Libra or Aquarius]? Riley’s cards also advise her to profit from the lessons of the past.

In some sense she’s hitting a brick road trying to get things accomplished. She seems to be growing restless and wants everything now rather than later. There’s also some issue in dispute and an arbiter may have to be called in to resolve matters.

Somebody seems to be pressuring her to make a decision whereas the cards are telling her to sit tight and wait. The remainder of December may be aggravating for Riley as things don’t work out smoothly and there’s some obstacles to be overcome. In other words, Santa might not be bringing what she asked for.

For the remainder of the year and into the new year, luck plays a strong factor in her life- being in the right place at the right time.

A Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio man will have a lot of bearing on what Riley does and accomplishes in the months ahead. There may be some legal issues coming up involving another woman and that could kick around for awhile.

From what I gather Spring will bring changes and better prospects.

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