From the Watch What You Say to the Press Dept.: Pink Visual Called Out On Their Apocalypse “Bunker” BS

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We never believed in the Mayan apocalypse, but we sure did believe in the apocalypse porn bunker. Oh, we believed in it so hard.

Well, just like the Mayan apocalypse: it’s not happening. Last year, Van Nuys porn company Pink Visual announced to the world that they were working on an underground bunker to be finished in fall 2012 in anticipation of today’s end of the world events–they figured that even if the world did not in fact end, “we will still have the coolest bunker on the planet, and we can use it as a location to shoot content in, rent it out to other studios – maybe even major Hollywood studios – to use, or maybe even open a big underground strip club.”

(They insisted: “we really are building a great big underground bunker.”)

The place was supposed to have several fully-stocked bars, a production studio, load-bearing stripper poles, and a damn microbrewery.

Last December, spokesman Quentin Boyer [pictured] hinted via video that the bunker was actually located in Arizona and said that research on the project had begun in 2008.

He also wrote that “As it turns out, building a bunker is a hell of a lot of work — not to mention really, really expensive — and I’ve been tied up with the contractors, various challenges stemming from the nature of the bunker site itself.”

However, reached by phone yesterday, he told us that “basically the project was way over budget and sort of fell through.” He added that there’s a longer story to it, but so far we haven’t been able to get back in touch with him to find out what that is. So, anyway, just go lock yourself in the bathroom with a bottle of Grey Goose and your laptop we guess?

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