From They Love Us in the Mainstream Dept.: Manitoba liquor commission yanks Ron Jeremy Rum from Liquor Stores

WINNIPEG – from Bottles of rum bearing the name and likeness of adult-film star Ron Jeremy have been yanked from the shelves of Manitoba liquor stores.

Last month, Liquor Marts in Manitoba began selling Ron de Jeremy, a seven-year-old premium rum produced in Panama.

The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission ordered 60 cases of the 80-proof rum.

The name of the product is a play on words, as ron means rum in Spanish while the 59-year-old Jeremy is one of the world’s best-known porn stars.

The Ron de Jeremy product line was launched in 2010 and is marketed as “the adult rum”, but makes no reference to his work in thousands of pornographic films.

The company that imports the product says the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission hasn’t explain why the product has been removed from stores.

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