From They Love Us in the Mainstream Dept.: PCC officials Move James Deen Lecture; closed to public and press

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PASADENA – from – Pasadena City College administrators have called a meeting with professor Hugo Schwyzer after publicity for a guest lecture by adult film star James Deen in Schwyzer’s “Navigating Pornography” class this week.

Schwyzer said a PCC administrator called him at 9 p.m. Monday “right on schedule” after a story appeared in the Pasadena Star-News and he was scheduled to meet with “terrified administrators” at noon Tuesday.

After a meeting with college administrators and legal counsel, Schwyzer said the university “forced him” to move the talk into his classroom and close the event to the public and the press.

He said the university’s legal counsel told him that he had to move the event because of “public safety concerns,” citing “hundreds of protesters ready to march” at the event.

PCC Board of Trustees President John Martin declined to comment via email, but said that the “college will be making an official statement shortly.”

PCC Spokesman Juan Guttierez did not immediately answer calls for comment and an assistant in President Mark Rocha’s office declined to comment on the meeting.

Deen, an award-winning adult film star and PCC alumnus, was scheduled to speak at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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