Funeral Services Were Held Today

If what I’m reading is true and I can’t be sure about anything this morning without a zucchini walnut muffin to clear the path, Adultcon just banned Wayne Lewis and myself. I.E.,

Imagine. We haven’t even officially launched and we’ve already been banned by somebody. Which is all well and good as far as I’m concerned because I don’t think I could have weathered another Sunday in search of either Compton or a food court at one of Renaud West’s shindigs.

Because at the last AdultCon the food was scarce and the hotel help as friendly as a bounced check. The show before had everyone in the adult industry on a scavenger hunt in search of a venue in Compton that was changed at the last minute. For reasons that weren’t particularly clear, either. When asked about that, West flinched with a pirate eye and a facial tick. Good for a snitch in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Bad for a press inquiry. My suspicions were that it was a bait-and-switch all along. The industry was promised Hollywood Park. It got Compton. And now, astute field tactician that he is, West has burned the bridges to his best new source of supply- for reasons that don’t add up. Because of a press release? Because of a fuckin’ lousy press release? Come on, Renaud. Your face can twitch better than that. Your cologne can kill bigger roaches. And, until they both do, I can think of more illuminating things. Like listening to the trumpets. I believe they’re playing taps. I think they’re playing taps for AdultCon.



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