Gauge Rips on Webmasters

Quasarman was on vacation in Canada a couple of weeks; and upon his return to the Distorted Reality Show which he shares on Friday nights at KSEX with Gauge, Gauge brought him up to speed with what he missed.

“You missed a whole lot I really can’t talk about,” said Gauge who claims she got “fucked” by her webmaster. “My old webmaster from Goliath,” Gauge qualified. Quasarman thought it was pretty egotistical for webmasters to be calling themselves webmasters. “About webmasters- they feel they have a right to fuck anybody they can just because they’re in right of their computer. I don’t really know what goes on inside their fucking heads, but it’s just not right,” Gauge added. “It’s like a distorted version of reality, baby.” Quasarman thought the situation unfortunate.

“For him,” said Gauge. Quasarman wanted to know if she was naming names. “Oh yeah, Goliath,” she responded. “Keith- everybody knows him.” Quasarman was under the humorous impression that Gauge was contacting barristers and all manner of legal professionals. “Basically I’m communicating with Metro and stuff like that,” she added. “I am under contract to them and they’re supposed to be helping me out with things. I have talked to certain people.” Gauge offered her own advice on the matter: “Don’t let them [Goliath] do your website unless you want your asshole to hang out financially and mentally.”

Gauge said she was pretty pissed off, and when it comes to being ripped a new asshole, had this to say: “You can always get that [your asshole] fixed for way less than what motherfuckers are stealing out of your pocket, financially.” Quasarman said he hadn’t been pricing colon operations to tell the truth. “It can’t be as much as what people have been pocketing out of your pocket,” Gauge continued. Quasarman asked if she thought it was a rampant condition in the industry with webmasters “fleecing” naive pornstars. Gauge thought so.

“The porn attitude is that the girls are really young and stupid, have major mental problems or drug habits.” Quasarman said in his estimation that was a pretty accurate description of the goings-on in the business. Gauge said if she were a business owner she’d be trying to get away with as much as she could, with the stupid bitches in the business. “You want more and everybody’s in on their own. Including me but I’m not fucking somebody to get my own.” Gauge said there were no morals in the industry. “Absolutely not.” Quasarman said it was pretty easy to prey on girls who have just gotten off of a Greyhound from God-knows-where.


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