Ceases Operations! The Fags Lose, The Good Guys Win!, a site that once libeled those that fought against The Gay Mafia and celebrated when anti-Gay Mafia sites were shuttered, was closed this week while anti-Gay Mafia sites like Porn Wiki Leaks keep going strong. Looks like the good guys won this one, folks.


One of Gawker’s homosexual writers, a squirmy little millennial shit that goes by the name Adrian Chen, was particularly nasty to PWL and celebrated harder than anyone when the legendary site was voluntarily pulled offline for a time five years ago after a couple of Gay Mafia scumbags bought PWL server passwords from junkie Jon Felosi, who sold the passwords to support his long crack habit. PWL contributors were harassed and the site was fagged up to the point that it became more trouble than it was worth and was closed until the smoke cleared.


You’ll also remember Chen as the lying sack of shit that made things up in one article, claiming PWL members “Called Foster at work,” which was the most laughable part of the fictional article as Monica Foster DOESN’T WORK. Never has, never will. Who did PWL call? Her apartment @ Franklin Parks, Hollywood where she whored herself out on web cam and did phone sex sessions? There was simply no work place to call. Chen is a liar and a hack, plain and simple.


Also interviewed by Chen was gay performer James Jamesson, the vegan homosexual that is best known for working with patient zero Cameron Reed around the time of the 2010/2011 porn shutdown after Reed obtained HIV during a gay escorting stint. Jamesson and Foster teamed up for a Youtube video that showed a sickly, unkempt Jamesson wandering the streets of Hollywood, insisting that he is not only HIV- but raw vegan and very healthy. If true, his unshaven, unkempt look and keeping the company of drug addict Monica Foster simply does not add up. In the video, Jamesson showed the same demented views as Foster and claimed that everyone is homosexual or bisexual.

Overall, it was just a shitty hack job article by Chen. Like most millennial writers, the moron is incapable of comingĀ  up with anything unique, and so he just lifts material from forum discussions and pastes it into an article and thinks that’s writing. That isn’t writing. Now here’s the richest part of the story: Chen left Gawker some time ago and joined (formerly) respected and iconic magazine, The New Yorker. Everyone might want to subscribe – and use the magazine in your bathroom, as toilet paper.


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