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VENICE, CA – Sure, it’s not easy keeping up with Gen Padova. All the interviews, columns, sexy new content?how does a person keep up with all of the goings-on of the fired-up redhead?

Leave it to Gen to make enjoying her many adventures an easy thing to do. She’s created a free blog that will include naughty previews of updates, food porn (yum!) and whatever everyday adventures the girl who practically invented adventure has.

One of the great things out this week is her sophomore column for WHACK!, Your Moment of Gen: G Marks the Spot. If you’ve ever wondered about the female orgasm, and if you haven’t, it’s time to start. She does a good job of explaining what goes into it, what you can put into it and how it can be achieved for all different types of women.

There are a lot of questions and Gen has no shortage of answers and manages to present them in a clear manner that will make sense to even the simplest among us.

If you have questions about Gen, they may well be answered in a new interview she did with Porn Life Magazine, titled “Natural Beauty, Hot Bod and Brains” Meet Gen Padova!? Gen tells them things like, “Up until I started becoming curious with my sexuality and having sex I was so uptight and reserved. Since having that sexual release and expression I’ve calmed down a lot.” And it only gets hotter from there!

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