Gene Simmons Faces Sexual Harassment Suit from Makeup Artist but Assault Charges Dropped

from – Prosecutors have dropped assault charges against Gene Simmons over an alleged attack on a couple in an upmarket shopping mall, whilst in a separate lawsuit, it’s emerged that a makeup artist claims he molested her.

As Spinner reported last December, the 60-year-old Kiss bassist was being sued by Nathan Marlowe and Cynthia Manzo over an alleged assault and battery incident at the Grove in Los Angeles.

However, on Wednesday, May 26, the district attorney decided there was not enough evidence to pursue the case, where the couple claimed Simmons choked them after they started filming him.

But Simmons is not out of the legal woods yet. report that Victoria Jackson has filed her own complaint against the star, again in LA. The makeup artist claims she was working at the ESPN Sports Center last November when Simmons approached her, dressed in his Kiss outfit.

In her suit, Jackson accuses the long-tongued lothario of grabbing and hugging her, with spikes from his costume jabbing into her, to which she responded, “Ouch. You are hurting me.”

Then Simmons began “humping” her, “to the extent she could feel his groin grinding into her.” Jackson claims there are witnesses who describe the incident as “degrading, shocking and humiliating.”

In a statement, Simmons’s spokesman said his client, “categorically denies” the allegations and added Jackson is trying to get “compensation from him for nonexistent injuries.” The alleged victim is seeking $500,000 (£343,000) in damages.

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