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Woodland Hills, California. – Gentlemen’s Video and announces the official launch of This highly anticipated launch is the Gentlemen’s Video official entry into the affiliate pay site market. is a subscription based flagship model pay site that embodies a network of 7 fetish niche sites.

This online platform will be managed under the affiliate program and the content powered by the Gentlemen’s Video studio line. was designed for webmasters to promote a niche specific flagship model of networked pay sites in the following niches: East Indian, SheMale, Squirt, Strap On, MILF/Mature, Foot Worship and Balloon Popping.

The overall value to the webmaster community is extraordinary. Having fetish niche content with a proven history of consumer demand, being a new product for webmasters to promote and in combination with this content being unsaturated on the internet is highly attractive for webmasters to generate generous revenue.

Webmasters will have the ability to promote each of the niche sites specifically or the mega site as a network.

President of, XRated Brett explained this strategy as, ‘Gentlemen’s Video has always produced authentic content in niche specific markets. With a very loyal fan base for our DVD consumers, we are confident that the online consumer will be equally as consistent. Our content is raw, real, perverted and simply hot.’

With the success of some of the top affiliate models who compete in the subscription based affiliate markets, this is arguably the most sophisticated of business models to operate and provides the best ‘members’ experience for volume of overall content in a network platform.

Hence with an unsaturated product, aggressive payouts, custom marketing tools and niche specific content; both Gentlemen’s Video and are confident that this is going to be a winner.

President of, ASP Albert described their strategy as follows, ‘We are very selective in choosing studio partners to work with. Gentlemen’s Video was the perfect fit. Their content remains to be exclusive, deep in niches, customer loyalty, unsaturated on the internet and highly marketable due to how specific the niches are in the fetish genre. There are decent fetish affiliate programs, however, we are confident that our model is unique and will provide great value for members and webmasters alike.

Webmasters can sign up at to promote Paying $25.00 per sign up and 50% Revenue Share, please contact for any custom marketing needs. For general inquiries for Gentlemen’s Video, please contact [email protected] For all media inquiries please contact [email protected]

For all internet inquiries, please contact [email protected]

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