Georgia Bitch Boy Mike South is Squealing Like a Pig

What do you think of when you think of Georgia? The Confederate Flag? Slavery? The movie Deliverance?

You remember Deliverance. The movie with Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ronny Cox and Ned Beatty where they go on a canoe trip and happen across a couple dentally challenged mountain men and Ned Beatty gets fucked in the ass while being made to squeal like a pig.

Never have I seen someone who exemplifies the image of a man who is more bitch like, squealing while getting fucked up his ass than Georgia’s own Mike South.

You all know the story by now of how Mike South was outed for performing and using talent who skirted adult industry STD testing protocols. As much as he and his dwindling moron supporters on his message board try to use subterfuge and attempt to justify his dangerous behavior, the whole issue has nothing to do with anything or anybody except Mike South.

It has to do with the fact that this man has been nothing more than an internet terrorist for a decade and a half. He has posted lies and slandered people in the business because he was ostracized back in 1997 by me. He was fired from Elegant Angel after one movie because I showed Patrick Collins the movie Georgia Peaches, where he and his inbred friends with warts and herpes lesions fucked a bunch of disgusting girls. Patrick agreed with me that the movie was atrocious and he was shown the door. After no one else wanted to distribute his garbage and he was excommunicated from Porn Valley, Mike South started an adult “news” blog called It was here that he proceeded to get back at all of those who did him wrong, especially me.

Since he was a non factor and a failure at porn, he never had real sources or accurate information, so he would just make shit up, often contributing his info to anonymous emails. He would talk shit about me and my wife at the time Lizzy Borden, calling her “Lizard.” She would ask me why he was doing this, that she had never done anything to the guy. I told her he was mad at me for getting him fired and he wanted to hurt as many people as he could, like a spurned jilted lover.

I was just one of many that Mike South bullied over the years. The reason I couldn’t speak out before was because I was under federal indictment and also because I lived in a glass house like he has until recently. Besides living in a glass house Mike South also has a glass jaw. I knew if I stayed in the porn game long enough, I would eventually be able to deliver a knockout blow and he wouldn’t be able to get up.

Since I started The Rob Black Show a year ago, I have exposed this piece of shit for what he is, a lying piece of shit and a vile human being. Every time he pokes his head up, I deliver a right left cross and an uppercut. Now I just keep pummeling him and I’m gonna keep pummeling him until he goes away. He thinks this heat on him is gonna die down. It’s not gonna die down. He is Jim Bakker, he is Jimmy Swaggart, he is Ted Haggard, he is the toe tapper Larry Craig times ten. He is the hypocrite faggot who campaigns against homosexuality and gets caught with a dick in his mouth. That is who Mike South is.

This motherfucker has sat in his glass house and hurled boulders at people in the industry for the past decade and a half. He gets outed for being a hypocritical piece of shit and never in my life have I seen anybody coil like a dirty little abused ho. He’s a ho. This is a guy who two weeks ago was screaming at Tee Reel and telling him to shut his mouth or he was going to release private text messages and “bury him.”

Yesterday he posts an article to try to deflect what this entire scandal is about which is him and the dangerous acts that he practices that he condemns everybody else for. He posted all this bullshit that has nothing to do with what he did and the things he pulls out are so ludicrous that you actually have to sit back and go, “What am I reading? Is this an educated 60 year old man or is this a little bitch? Is this an ignorant little hillbilly bitch? Is he everything we always thought he was?”


He says Axel Braun is not in the talent testing system. But Axel Braun is not talent. Last time I checked, Axel Braun wasn’t performing in blowbangs or knuckle fucking Jessica Chase without an STD test. How does Axel Braun come into the equation? Mike South does one test. The OraQuick HIV swab test. Which is fine if he used it in conjunction with other testing, but he doesn’t. He does not test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hep C. All of the other tests which are standard for the industry and are required to perform. If he says he does, he’s lying. Produce the documentation. He won’t, he doesn’t have it.

Some of his bitches on his message board have said why would he test through PASS or through the talent testing system when he is so clearly at odds with them. Fine. Forget PASS. What about a local Georgia clinic? Planned Parenthood? Forget Free Speech Coalition. They are bad. We get it Mike South. So where do you test?

So because you’re against PASS and Free Speech Coalition that exempts you from testing? No, that means you would test somewhere else, like when talent here tests with Dr. Rigg. At least the talent here has some form of test that show them clear of STDs, whether or not they test with the evil corrupt, flawed, whatever you wanna call it testing system we have here in LA. But you’ve got nothing! I would rather have something, even if it had chinks in the armor. I would rather have a bullet proof vest that won’t stop all bullets, as opposed to going into a gunfight bare chested. Are Mike South and the three Mike South supporters understanding this?

Once again, this had nothing to do with the testing procedures. It has everything to do with Mike South saying that everybody else is irresponsible, everybody else isn’t safe and he is the model of propriety. Yet he doesn’t test with anything other then an OraSwab on all of his talent. You could have gonorrhea and work on a Mike South set. I could show on a Mike South set dripping with chlamydia and fuck a girl and infect her because all he tests for is HIV with an at home HIV test.

What does Axel Braun, Katie Summers and Michael Whiteacre have to do with anything? I didn’t know Axel Braun was getting in his Bentley and driving down to Georgia to do southern bukkakes. I didn’t know Katie Summers, who hasn’t done a scene in a year, was going to Georgia to be a cum rag. Devil Man Whiteacre is fond of hookers, but I didn’t know he was a Georgia bukkake boy as well. I didn’t know Diane Duke was driving down to Georgia to participate in scenes with Lindsey Lovehands. That’s news to me.

Where does all of these people who aren’t in the PASS system and who aren’t performers have to do with talent in Georgia who aren’t tested with anything other than an OraQuick HIV kit? Mike South says they’re disease free because he knows them. Everything that Mike South is throwing out there is bullshit, but you don’t see it debated on his site because all the posts on his message board are moderated. He’ll either post under different names with stuff that doesn’t make any sense or block you if you make too much sense.

I’m still waiting for my 200 dollars on our bet that there was an OSHA compliance officer of all of his sets. A crew member who works for OSHA doesn’t count. Look what “Lurking Reader” who I swear is one of South’s other names posts:

“Go ask Karen Tynan “what is an OSHA compliance Officer?” If she tells you it must be an additional person or requires paying an outside party…run quick and find a new OSHA lawyer…”

“FYI…never met her but I feel confident she will confirm the truth…a business “OSHA compliance officer” is the title for the individual filling the role of OSHA compliance, in most small businesses it’s just another hat worn by the owner. (Many large companies & large School districts have separate people and even whole departments for …OSHA, 504, ADA, etc)”

“Now I could be snarky and rehash your public faults or get back to this post…”

“The industry is represented by a 501c and it’s subsidiaries…that solicits membership & donations to protect the interests of the industry it represents…”

Still not answering the question. Who is the OSHA officer and what is his badge number and where is the inspection reports?

Then Mike South posts:

“Interesting you mention that i actually offered Peter warren at AVN the opportunity to talk to him before they ran that little hit piece…they declined.”

“When one of your largest advertisers says you are going to make this guy look bad, I guess thats what ya do…If this is what Christian Mann wishes for his legacy to be….OK by me.”

Mike South, why would Peter Warren talk to one of your bukkake guys? And if he did talk to him would he say that it’s OK in Georgia to spray untested cum everywhere? I don’t know know what “hit piece” South’s referring to. It’s a couple paragraphs with Mike South not answering any questions and saying, “consider the source.” Also, if you’re willing to divulge the information about your OSHA compliance officer to Peter Warren, why don’t you just post that information on you own site?

If you have an OSHA officer on you set in an unofficial capacity, you can’t claim to be compliant, any more that if I have an off duty police officer attending a house party and claim that party is sanctioned by the LAPD.

Mike South, you are a liar and you’re forever gonna get this shoved up your ass.

He keeps making posts that have nothing to do with the issue and never answering the questions. He posts about some doctor named Darcy and keeps hammering on that fact that Free Speech Coalition and PASS are flawed and corrupt. This has already been established. Nothing new there. But how does this matter when we’re talking about Mike South and his bukkake boys fucking without tests and claiming that there are Georgia OSHA officers inspecting his sets and saying that they are compliant? What does Dr. Sean Darcy have to do with this?

Mike South, you’re claiming that everybody is a scumbag, so why point the finger at you for being a scumbag. Because you are the one who claimed to be a saint, you are the one who pointed your finger at everybody else. You put yourself out there as the savior of the girls and the truth teller of the business and you have been outed as a lying hypocrite. Now that you’ve been outed you act like a little coward bitch and evade the questions that everyone are asking. You are Ned Beatty from Deliverance, a squealing little pig who gets fucked up his ass. But your mouth ain’t pretty, the only thing that could make your mouth pretty is if somebody knocked your lying hypocritical teeth out of it.

Then he posts this:

“Yup The Free Speech Coalition sure knows how to pick em….Just like picking Uncle Peg to do a smear campaign on me and others.  If you take a look at that joke of a site you see one advertiser….Evil Angel….Know who pays for that ad?  Christian Mann as in Board of Directors of the Free Speech Coalition Christian Mann.  When your only advertiser tells you to run a smear campaign…you do it.”

So you run ads for LATATA and praise Derek Hay during the outbreaks last year, yet you claim no affiliation or bias. But The Real Porn Wikileaks runs Evil Angel ads so they must be on the take. They say the same thing that you do, they get no money from ads, they are just friends with Mark Spiegler, so they promote his girls. But they’re lying, right? They are in the pocket of Christian Mann so they’ve been tasked to run a smear campaign on you, is that it? I have gone on more tirades about Christian Mann than you ever have, but you have the arrogance to say that Devil Man Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins and Christian Mann are involved in a grand conspiracy to discredit you? Because they run Evil Angel ads? Look at the ads dummy. Everyone in them are Spiegler girls.

There is no Evil Angel conspiracy against you. If there were a conspiracy, it would be going after me. I torture John Stagliano and Christian Mann constantly.

This is the best part:

“Note to Rob Black…Just damn dude  at least they are getting paid to spread that bullshit…or maybe you are just sucking up hoping Christian will throw you some scraps too?  I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you…”

If this isn’t somebody just begging for someone to help them. A guy who beat me up for 15 years is now wanting me to support him.

I just ran an article a week ago about John Stagliano and Joey Silvera going to Brazil. If I’m kissing up to Christian Mann, why am I going after John Stagliano, his boss?

Here are just a few links to show how much I’m kissing up to Evil Angel, John Stagliano and Christian Mann.

Those are just a few. Yeah, I’m kissing up all right. Yeah, I’m sure I gonna get some scraps form Christian Mann.

Mike South, I’m gonna ride you every day like the punk bitch you are. You are Ned Beatty and I’m the toothless mountain man who is gonna make you squeal. But there’s no Burt Reynolds hiding behind the tree with a bow and arrow. Just your weak ignorant trolls on your bullshit message board.

You’ve been exposed and now you’re crying like a little whore. “Damn dude…” I’m not your fucking dude.

I’m your daddy and you’re my bitch.

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