Get Your Affairs In Order: Rob Black Tells of a Two-Month Industry Wide Shutdown

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I’ve been telling you Rob Black has been talking to people. Rob Black on his Internet show tells you he’s been talking to people. Now it’s ready to happen. Black has been spending the last five months forecasting the inevitable.

Picture an old prohibition era gangster movie where the Feds knock over a Capone brewery on the south side. An armored truck ramming the doors of a warehouse and German brew meisters with their hands in the air. That’s going to be the adult industry.

“There will be a shut down of the industry for two months,” Black said on his show Thursday night.

“During that time the business will be re-aligned and the testing facilities re-structured. You have no idea. We are taking the adult industry and marching it into a new spectrum.

“In one fell swoop you are going to be officially legal and have redeeming social value. We are doomed with the strategies the old dinosaurs had in place. With those ways we were doomed. The old way they did things is done. We’re ready to go where these old dinosaurs cannot fathom.”

Yes, Black does talk in perplexing riddles, but if you’ve listened to his show long enough you know he’s got the ears of the politicians in Sacramento.

And with Diane Duke’s snide comments about Isadore Hall the timetable has just been moved up.


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