Getting Enough Lately?

NATIONWIDE – More or less sex? The good news is that more than 50 percent of couples agree about how often to have sex. For many individuals, however, they disagree with their partners as to how often is enough.
About 27 percent of men say they want to have sex more often than their partner, while 13 percent of women say they can’t get enough loving from their men.

That’s the response to a new national survey that asked Americans how they would describe their partners when it comes to frequency of sex.

The survey, sponsored by Adam & Eve, found that 57 percent of men said they agree with their partner as to how often to have sex, while 53 percent of the women surveyed said they agreed with their partner as to how often to have sex.

How often do couples make love? Sixty-three percent said at least once a week (11 percent said once a day or more), 13 percent said 1-3 times a month and 24 percent said they make love less than once a month.

Three percent of the men said they were not sure if they wanted to have sex more often than their partner, while six percent of the women were not sure if the man in their life wanted sex more often than they, according to the survey conducted for Adam & Eve by Harris Interactive. Adam & Eve is the nation’s largest mail order distributor of erotica. Its website is

“The survey shows that couples are communicating and are letting each other know their sexual needs,” said Katy Zvolerin of Adam & Eve.

“We’ve found that many couples use marital aids to assist in that communication process. However, while the survey shows that more than 50 percent say they agree with their partner as to how often to have sex, many individuals obviously need ways to be more open in their sexuality.”

Dr. Ron Feintech, PhD, a certified sex therapist in Portland, Maine, says the survey response indicating that men desire more sex than women seems accurate as far as it goes.

“It does however, support the common, but erroneous notion that women are somehow undersexed with respect to men, whereas in fact, they may simply be more discriminating. People want sex when sex is worth wanting and they can afford to want it,” he says.

The random-digit telephone survey conducted by Harris Interactive of 1,002 adults ages 18 to 65 was sponsored by Adam & Eve to study American attitudes toward sexuality. For more information about Adam & Eve or to order a catalog, visit the website at or call 1-800-765-ADAM.


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