Giants Ace Tim Lincecum Busted for Possession of Marijuana

from – Tim Lincecum was cited by the state police in Washington for possession of marijuana this week. The pot was found in his car after he was pulled over for speeding near the Oregon border on Oct. 30. It was a small amount, and the police determined that Lincecum was not intoxicated while driving, so he’s been cited for misdemeanor possession. After his hearing on Nov. 23, that will likely be the last we hear of this particular incident.

Andrew Baggarly, the San Francisco Chronicle writer who wrote the blog entry linked above, guesses that this incident won’t be much more than an embarrassment for Lincecum and that it’s unlikely to affect his potential arbitration hearing early next year. He’s probably right that it’d be wrong for the Giants to accuse their superstar pitcher of being a dirty hippie for having a few ounces of pot in his car, but that’s a funny mental image I’m stuck with and now I hope you are, too.

Lincecum was probably pretty high on most people’s list of MLB players that could potentially get caught with a little bit of pot, but there will probably be some Giants fans disappointed by this news (then again, maybe not, they are mostly from San Francisco) nonetheless. Still, Lincecum wasn’t high while he was driving, he wasn’t excessively speeding, and if he’d just get a haircut this entire incident probably could have been avoided entirely.

Of course, marijuana is illegal and so that disappointment isn’t necessarily unjustified, but he owned up to it and there are really much, much worse ways he could be spending his offseason.

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