Ginger Lynn–I was raped by Ron Jeremy

***STORY UPDATED: Corrections & Tina Cherry Speaks Out FOR Ron

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — Following her popular internet radio show, The Ginger Lynn Show on Monday evening, legendary adult star Ginger Lynn walked into the programming office and asked, “Am I fired?” The response she received came by way of a question, “was anything you said untrue?” The well known porn babe answered, “no, not at all.” As a result, fans will be fortunate enough to listen to her show next week, and for weeks to come.

Lynn’s hosting worries came after she boldly told a very detailed account of events she classified as “rape” between her and another adult film legend, Ron Jeremy. re-caps Lynn’s exact comments: “Ron Jeremy is a fat, smelly, hairy, disgusting pig. Those are his good qualities. Is the entire adult industry wearing a blindfold? Ron Jeremy is a rapist. Ron Jeremy raped me on my very first film- broke into my condo…raped my ass on my first movie when I was 20 years old.” Lynn claims similar incidents have been occurring for years in the business. She became aware of another one in St. Louis not too long ago. Lynn said she made some acerbic comments about Jeremy and a woman came up to her and asked why she had made those comments.

Lynn told the woman that Jeremy had raped her. “She starts to cry,” said Lynn. “She brings her husband over. She tells me to tell him what I had just said. He starts to cry. They hug each other. They hired him [Jeremy] to sign autographs in their video store. Ronnie takes her in the back room and rapes her. She goes to her husband. Her husband doesn’t believe her because Ronnie’s got the same bullshit story that he tells over and over and over again. And the industry does nothing.” Lynn referred to a situation a few weeks ago when Jeremy was involved in a sexual harassment charge involving a stripper. After an investigation, Jeremy was released by the cops but did spend some time in jail.

“No one mentions the fact that Ronnie’s a rapist and does this on a regular basis,” Lynn said on the air. “Why are we hiding it?” Lynn said she’s received letters from dozens of women testifying to similar instances involving Jeremy.

“We’ve got something in common,” said Kiki Daire’. That bombshell even took Lynn aback. Lynn said most of the stories have been similar and she pressed Kiki for details. Kiki said it was basically the same m.o. “You’re young and you’re stupid. You haven’t done anything yet. You don’t know.” Daire’ claims Jeremy repeated his familiar phrase, “let me put in just the tip, just the tip.” Jeremy gets away with that nonsense because “he’s Ron Jeremy.”

“Bullshit,” said Lynn. “When somebody says no, it means, go, leave, get the fuck off of here. And he does it to new girls.” Kiki said her Jeremy episode happened five years ago. It was noted that Jeremy allegedly raped yet another girl in the business about five weeks ago. Lynn said incidents are still happening and the adult industry is averting its eyes to it. “Ron is a rapist and he’s hiding behind the adult film industry and he’s getting away with it.”

Lynn said she confronted Jeremy about five years after it happened, then didn’t talk to him or see him for a long, long time. “When I made my comeback with VCA, he had asked Veronica Hart if she could arrange a meeting for us to talk about it. Lynn, as far as she was concerned, told him there was nothing to talk about. “He kept pressuring and Janey said I’ll be there with you, will you come and we’ll get this out. I agreed.” Lynn said they went to a little restaurant and there were at least a dozen people from VCA at a table for support behind her. Lynn said Jeremy, who wanted to tell his side of the story, walked in with flowers for her and Hamilton, a fact that blew her away because Jeremy doesn’t spend a dime if he can help it. “He will eat the food off of your plate and will use your cell phone to call Europe.”

For her part, Lynn explained that she was in Hawaii on a shoot and having a lust affair with Jerry Butler. “Jerry carved my name in a tree. He made me a necklace out of sea shells. He asked me to marry him. This is my first movie. I’m in love or at least I think I am.” Lynn said there was a big tall cliff above while she and Butler were on the beach below having sex. “Ronnie comes from up above and says can I join in? I say no.”

Lynn said Jeremy’s story coincides with hers up to that point. From that point on, Butler walked her back to her condo. Lynn said she went to take a shower and that Jeremy was hiding upstairs in the bathroom behind the door. “He came up from behind me and pushed me against the sink. I’m saying no and pushing him away. He’s going, ‘Just the tip. You wouldn’t let me join in.’ And he rapes me. What made it worse, said Lynn, was that she had to have sex on camera the next day with Jeremy who plays her husband in the movie. “I haven’t told anybody. What am I going to say? I’m a porn star. I’m on a movie set and I’ve been raped. At that time no one would have cared.” Much worse said Lynn is that they would probably have supported Jeremy.

Ron Jeremy, born 1953 in Flushing, Queens, has a BA in theatre arts and acted off Broadway before gaining a master’s degree and started a career in special education. His decision to reject this career and join the newly formed 1970s New York porn scene was the start of a twenty-year plus career, although the initial move was by accident following an amateur appearance in Playgirl.

In a conversation today with Top Pro Talent, Ron defended himself against Ginger’s comments:

RonJ: It’s not only a lie, it’s a provable lie. We did a consensual three-some on the beach. What is she nuts? Yes I wanted to shower with her later on and have more sex. We were friends. How do you rape a friend? It was never forceful. If she told me to leave, I would’ve.
TPT: Ginger says you broke into her house and were waiting in the bathroom.
RonJ: She didn’t invite me into the bathroom, but I wasn’t lurking and hiding. I didn’t sneak in. There were big open doors, lots of windows. I walked in to a friends house. It all boils down to the three-some on the beach. If she would finally realize that she DID have the three-some, she may shut the fuck up.
Ginger claims, during the early 80s, she had sex on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii with the author of the 1986, Prometheus Books release, Raw Talent, Jerry Butler. During the interlude, Lynn says Ron walked up and tried to force himself into the situation but that she did not allow it to happen.

When spoke with Butler today he said, “If anyone has the most candid account of what happened, it was me. I was with her when we went to Hawaii and when we left, Ginger and I kind of hooked up, boyfriend and girlfriend right from the start. We talked about living together, which is porn talk and usually not sound. We go to Kauai, we get to the hotel, her and I go for a little walk down to the beach. Down a little hill to the beach. Who pops out? Ron Jeremy [does mocking voice]. Hi Ron I said. He’s the biggest pig, can’t keep his hands off women, he’s a very insecure man. But I’ll tell you straight…we’re all down at the beach in shorts. I walked 5 feet, turned my back, went to the water to take a piss. When I came back Ginger was giving him a BJ. I was crushed, I was hurt. I was pissed. I looked at him with a mean face but I still wanted some. I dropped my shorts and got in a grudge thing and played along. I was pissed at Ron. I was so pissed at Ginger.”

After hearing about some of the insults Lynn threw Ron’s way, making fun of his weight and smell, Butler said, “At one point in her life, she was fucking Re-Run from What’s Happenin’. Why wouldn’t she think Ron is attractive when she was bangin’ Re-Run? Alexis Vogel and I had a three-some with her too. Then Charlie Sheen. She was doing everyone. Just goes to show you…she shouldn’t worry about her reputation being with Jeremy.”

Although Butler may have not come to such a good defense of Jeremy when he continued and said, “She’s a little run around girl. Ron Jeremy is innocent. But it’s like the Tyson deal, Tyson got nailed with that one girl when he was probably innocent yet guilty of raping others. Same thing…He didn’t rape that girl, I’m sure he did with other girls, but not in that case.”

Butler also promoted some of those statements as made in his book, “Get the book Raw Talent. You’ll see what I wrote. In the book I say, ‘I love the guy but I’d never leave him alone with my grandma because he can’t keep his hands to himself.’ ”

Jeremy claimed rape is possible after agreed upon sexual situations but that that wasn’t the case here, “I’m not saying a guy couldn’t rape a girl after consensual sex, but that didn’t happen. I fucked her the next day on camera after her alleged rape. Two weeks later I fuck her again in another scene. Do you fuck someone after they raped you? No. Years later I hear I’m accused of rape.”
Ginger spoke of a meeting at VCA with Veronica Hart [Jane] and scattered others, where she confronted Ron about the situation. According to Lynn, he never really admitted that he raped her but Lynn claims he did say, “I didn’t know you meant it when you said ‘NO’. ”

Ron responded to that with TPT saying, “She lied about the VCA meeting. I was there, I did bring the both of them flowers, but it was just me and Jane [Veronica]. We talked about the issues and it was done. She tells Jane she’ll stop. She told me everything is cool between us.”

Hart didn’t return TopProTalent’s calls today although told, “Ginger has always felt that Jeremy raped her. That’s been her story from the beginning, that’s how she remembers it,” Hart said. “She came home, he was at her place, he split a screen to come in. Ron does not remember it as a rape. They both believe their own story. Ron in his mind does not believe he raped her and she in her heart knows that he did. And never will the two meet.”

In more recent times Jeremy said, “You see Ginger and I hosting shows together, posing together as she got her handprints in Hollywood, we did a VH-1 interview and she was bumping her groin into mine. She even said on camera, ‘we buggy bumped before.’ I got her a job on The Man Show, she was hanging out with my girlfriend Natalie. Ginger even said to me once, ‘do you mind if I flirt with your girlfriend.’ Of course I didn’t mind. We’ve done so many things together and always gotten along fine. She said to me after shooting a calendar, ‘it’s ok Ron, we’re cool.’ Watch E! Hollywood stories, which she recommended me for, I talk nothing but nice things about her.”

As read in Gene Ross’ re-cap of Lynn on KSEX last night, Ginger claimed Ron raped a woman [Vicky] at an adult bookstore in St. Louis, MO., the supposed wife of the owner who hired him to appear and sign autographs. According to the interview with Jeremy on, “Jeremy had no recollection of that the alleged St. Louis event and was unsure about who Lynn was referring to.”

Although when asked about it by, Jeremy said, “That’s all not true, they are good friends of mine. She can make up names until she’s blue in the face. These guys are very good friends of mine.”

Lynn released a statement to all adult news services on the matter saying, “The simple fact is that Vicky and I discovered we had something in common in that we’d both been raped by Ron Jeremy. She brought Howard over and asked me to tell him what I had told her. There were hugs. There were tears. I was told there were letters of apology from Ronnie to Vicky and gifts that were sent. But this whole time, I was under the impression that Vicky was Howard’s wife – it turns out, she is his mistress. Perhaps that is the reason he no longer wants to discuss this! If I were in his position, I wouldn’t want me bringing it up either! But what on Earth do I have to gain from making up a story like this? I told my story for two reasons – to gain closure and make a public awareness so that other girls are forewarned. I can’t count the number of girls who have told me similar stories that happened to them. If they are interested in sharing their stories with me, either on the record or off the record privately, they can feel free to email me at [email protected]. They are the ones who have my deepest sympathy and my support.”

Asked about Kiki Daire’ alleging that she was assaulted as well, Ron said, “Kiki? We’re friends, I casted her in a movie recently for Metro. We never had any past problems.” caught up with adult star Kiki Daire’ in a phone interview who gave a more detailed account from the allegations she made yesterday on KSEX.

TPT: We spoke with Ron earlier and he says he doesn’t remember working with you, ever. He does remember seeing you at a pool party this weekend and always having friendly interaction with you.

Kiki: This was years ago, I’m sure he doesn’t remember working with me. I kept it buried for a really long time. The reason he doesn’t remember, I didn’t look like me now. I was a red head, different boobs, different name.
TPT: What exactly happened?

Kiki: What happened at the time was I was hooked up mistakenly with Charlie Frye [manager]. He said, “I was booked to do what I was told was a Blow Job scene with Ronnie. I was not into the idea of working with Ronnie at all. People told me to do it, it’s good for my career. We’re doing the BJ and somehow I got flipped around and Ronnie said, “I’m just gonna put the tip in.” He just flipped me fast and next thing I know he’s putting his dick inside me. The person shooting it, looked at me like ‘I am so sorry’.

TPT: Did you tell him to stop?

Kiki: I was like NO, I don’t want to, NO. He was like come on come on and he kept pushing it, beyond the tip. Then after a few more NOs I gave in but did not enjoy it at all. As he fucked me I was just thinking ‘if this is what porno is like, I don’t want to do it.’ It’s really not fair, it sucks that people tend to think rape has to be violent to be a rape. Ignoring a NO from someone in an intimate setting, on or off set, is wrong. No means No, PERIOD!

TPT: You interacted with him at a pool party over the weekend quite nicely.

Kiki: For a long time I couldn’t be in the same room with him. I hated his guts. I’m kind of over it now but it’s a buried memory that I never wanted to delve into. I blocked it out. My best friend to this day cannot be in the same room with him. She shakes when she sees him from the experience she had a year before mine.

TPT: Who is your friend?

Kiki: Jennifer Steele

After Ginger expressed herself in a public arena, Top Pro Talent got a written testimonial from adult performer Jennifer Steele. Steele writes:

Below is the account of my assault by Ron Jeremy on December 12, 1997 . Because there many circumstances surrounding this event that would make it never hold up in court, I never officially reported it to the police. Because of how the press can taint certain issues, I didn’t want it to reflect upon the industry as a whole, or upon my career as an adult entertainer knowing that so many people in the industry know this about Ron yet continue to employ him, putting other naïve new talent at risk. Ron understands these reasons, which is why he picked me as a victim.

I’ve been told by countless people it would hurt my career if I came forward with this, but now that I’ve got an established name as a feature performer and a self-proclaimed slut to the point that people know I have nothing to hide and have no reason to make anything up.

I already wrote all this down and burned it 2 years ago, and I never thought I’d have to go through the details in my mind again, but here goes the account of my assault by Ron Jeremy:

In late 1997, when I was a house-dancer at Stars Cabaret in Beaverton, Ron was up judging a Miss Nude Oregon competition and was brought into our club by a local T&A magazine editor (who happens to now be in prison for biting off a girl’s nipple during a rape). Knowing Ron was in the adult industry, I asked him if he could get me some contacts doing some magazine shoots and lesbian scenes in Los Angeles because I wanted to tour as a feature entertainer and I needed some credits.

He said if I came down to LA, I could stay at his place for a couple of days and he would show me around some of the studios and meet some people. Although the thought crossed my mind about staying with a total stranger, I thought, “Hell. It’s Ron Jeremy. It’s not like he needs to get laid” and one of my managers that I spoke to about it expressed the same feelings, so I didn’t think twice.

During our phone conversations, I had made it clear several times that I had a boyfriend and that I only wanted to do movies with girls. He said he could get me a ton of work, so I flew down to LA on December 12th. I know this because it was the day I was assaulted and I’ve gotten depressed every December 12th since then (I wonder why women do that). Ron picked me up at the airport in some beat-up car and I noticed he smelled like a bottle of Old Navy that was pulled out of a sewer. He drove me immediately to get our AIDS tests, and then we were off to the Hustler studio to do a photo-shoot where I was assured there would be no physical contact between me and Ron and that our layout would be in a comic vein, where a few girls were dressed in Togas feeding him fried chicken while he was dressed as Caesar.

He couldn’t get it up when we were ready to shoot, so he grabbed me (which I didn’t understand why at the time), took me into the bathroom, and proceeded to grope me. I said, “Hey…Knock it off” thinking that would get him to stop, but it didn’t. I didn’t want to create a scene out of embarrassment and shock, so instead of screaming, I pushed him away. As I turned and reached for the door, he grabbed my waist with one hand and shoved his dick inside me with the other before I knew what was happening. After about 4 strokes, I was able to push myself away, and out the door (I remember thinking he seemed a lot stronger than he looked).

My voice was gone at that point. We went straight to the room where the shoot was happening and I didn’t say anything. I knew if I said a word, I’d start bawling because I felt entirely violated, and if I told anyone, I was sure that people would wonder who this freak was that accused this man they worshipped. And what am I supposed to do? Call the police so it’s on the news, so I can be known as the girl who claims she got assaulted by Ron Jeremy while she was on the set of a Hustler shoot? No thanks…

We got back into the car where all my stuff was. After having dinner at his friend’s house (of which I ate nothing and said I thought I was coming down with the flu). I called my boyfriend while I was there, and basically said nothing because (a) he was an asshole and he would probably somehow rationalize that it was my fault, and (b) he was a broke kid who basically did nothing but play Nintendo and couldn’t do anything for me anyway (a typical dancer’s boyfriend in the worst way).

After dinner, we watched something on TV about Dr. Kevorkian with Ron’s friends and, making the best of my situation, Ron and I sat on the couch and talked about life. I remember almost feeling sorry for him when we were talking because I got the impression that he felt he was getting old for his industry, and that he has a really hard time finding love. He seemed much tamer, so I felt a little safer by this point. Yes, I was in denial.

After dinner we went to one of the Sunset Blvd. nightclubs and hung out (neither one of us drank) and then we danced for a little bit and he seemed so pleasant. I began doubting that he even thought he had done anything wrong. Subsequently, I began doubting myself on whether or not I had been clear enough in expressing my unwillingness and wrote the situation off as being my fault. He really didn’t seem like he could be that bad, and it must be a misunderstanding.

When we got to his apartment (I was really surprised at how small it was, and he had a roommate), I took a shower, took off my clothes and got into bed. I told him that I had faith in him and that he’d be a gentleman and not try anything with me. He said he would totally respect that, and we talked for a while. Then he asked if I wanted him to eat my pussy because I would sleep better and that he was great at that.

Although I appreciated the selfless offer, this man repulsed me sexually (more from his smell than anything). I had a boyfriend and I didn’t want to lead him on into thinking I was going to allow him inside me. Well, the issue turned into an argument and when I raised my voice, he said to be quiet or I would wake up his roommate (which later confused me because I didn’t see his roommate when I went back to take a shower). After about a 10 minute struggle, I said, “I just want to go to bed. I’m so tired”, he said that if I let him make me cum with his mouth, he’d let me go to sleep with no strings attached. He just wanted me to give him a good review to the other girls. After saying no hundreds of times to oral sex, I finally just wanted the argument to stop. I wanted to go to sleep, and by this point, I really had nowhere to go, so I gave in, and made him promise he would leave me alone when he was done. I tried to fake an orgasm, but it was Ron Jeremy, who was I kidding? (And anyone can tell by my older movies that I’m terrible at faking orgasms) And since my deadbeat boyfriend didn’t even know how to go down on a girl, I leaned back, did my best to ignore the smell, and decided to enjoy it. Well, he was right. He does eat great pussy, and I came in his mouth. OK, this was all done, his ego is fulfilled and now I could go to sleep and film my first lesbian porn tomorrow!!!

“So what, you’re going to let me make you cum and then just leave me hanging?” No way. There was no way I didn’t make myself clear. “I-have-a-boyfriend.” OK…My boyfriend really had nothing to do with it…I was simply repulsed, but didn’t want to hurt Ron’s feelings, so I pulled the boyfriend card. Any card should be good enough for a “no.” There was no way this disgusting man was going to be inside me. As we were arguing, he was holding my legs down, and I couldn’t believe how strong he was. Being a dancer for 9 years he began to get frustrated with my struggling legs, raised his voice and gave me a look that made me know I was in danger of being hurt if I didn’t do what this man wanted me to.

I immediately thought of my kids at home who depended completely upon me for their livelihood, and there was no way I was going home to explain that I got beaten up (or not make it home at all). This wasn’t Ron Jeremy anymore. This was a man who was assaulting me and at this point I pretty much knew things were going to happen his way whether I wanted them to or not. I don’t remember much of the actual rape except bits and pieces. I sort of closed my eyes and made myself go away, sort of pretend it wasn’t happening. Now to anyone who says it’s not a rape unless you get hurt or beat up, I say “fuck you”. He began to sodomize me, and when I began to cry louder, he said in an accusatory way, “I thought you could do anal!”

This is something I’d only done twice in my life with layman dick. I don’t know what made him stop, but he didn’t cum. He went into the next room and watched TV to let me sleep, which I couldn’t. I wanted to shower again, but didn’t want to wake up his roommate. Later, when he laid down next to me, I pretended to be asleep. In the morning, when I got up, I took a shower (because there was obviously no roommate there), and then did the dishes (Go figure, but it felt like the most normal part of my stay). I thought of calling a cab to try to get an early plane out, but didn’t even have enough cash for a ride after paying for my HIV test. I sure as hell couldn’t call my mom.

When Ron woke up, he did a radio show over the phone, and then we went to the set of David Christopher’s “Nude World Order”, where I met the “Pussyman” himself along with Gene Ross, and a ton of other important names at the time.

While I kept excusing myself to go into a different room and cry, Ron got a call from Jim Powers and Johnny Thrust, who wanted to use me for a lesbian scene that day in one of their University Coeds’ movies. When I got into the car, I said to them about Ron, choking up the tears, “That is a VERY manipulative man.” And I think it was Johnny who said not to bother explaining because Ron is so powerful in the business and that I would only be hurting myself.

Being on the set without Ron there was the most comfortable I’d felt since I’d been to LA. People had great attitudes and had a lot of fun on the Jim Powers set, and the scene itself was a pretty pleasant first experience (both lesbian and porn) until Ron came on the set toward the end. After pushing the previous night’s events out of my head, everything came back when I hear Ron’s voice say, “You know she can do anal.” With the way my ass felt after the night before, I was so relieved when Jim said he didn’t want it for this scene.

Although I had several of the other girls offer to have me stay at her place, almost every stitch of clothing I owned was at Ron’s because he had insisted that we would be able to pick up my stuff at his place before I had to be at the airport. With no cash, and not being able to cash my check until the next morning anyway, I was really at his mercy, and had to spend the night again at his place. I got obviously upset knowing he had done this on purpose, and there was no way in hell he was going to do this again.

When I unloaded on him, he started getting angry with me saying I was making him look bad by acting so upset around everyone. I told him I would stay at his place because I didn’t have much of a choice; but that he was sleeping on the couch and that nothing was going to happen. He slept on the couch that night, and I got a plane home the next day.

When I got home, I fell completely apart and stayed in bed for about 2 weeks. I finally made it as a feature entertainer through other avenues, but still try to avoid those conventions and events where Ron is present.

It saddens me that people who know he’s a rapist continue to book him for events and movies, and what makes me more sad is that most people who are around him don’t even know. It’s also sad that his actions reflect on the industry as a whole: an industry that prides itself on providing only consensual sex.

Well, I’m letting anyone who reads this know that Ron Jeremy is a rapist.

I’m not fighting for any money or publicity. If anything, this could hurt my career, but at least I can sleep knowing I finally got this out, and if I can prevent it from happening to one person, it was worth it.

Jennifer Steele

When asked of an incident with Jennifer Steele, Ron said, “Absolute lie, I don’t even think I know this girl. I don’t even do anal off film. They say she stayed at my home, I got a million roommates, I’m never alone, she was never in my fuckin’ home. What the fuck is that? I’m not even a big fan of anal.”
Gene Ross says, “He’s lying because he introduced Steele to me as his girlfriend on one occasion. It was on a shoot called, ‘Nude World Order’.”

Ron also made a point for the record, “I can be pushy sometimes, like any guy, but no means no. I’ll take a lie detector. I’ll come on KSEX and do it. In a case like this there are sheer facts involved and I’ll be happy to prove it. Do I do the “just put the tip in” thing? Of course, on set that’s my thing. I do it when I need to get wood for a scene but no one is being forced and everyone is being paid. I did one today.”

Rumors flew into TPT today regarding porn star Tina Cherry, alleging she also had a sexual assault story regarding her dealings with Jeremy, one that netted her a lot of hush money and a film contract at a leading adult movie house.

Cherry contacted TopProTalent and said, “I was never paid hush money from Ron. I wish I had some good hush money. Ron did get me a lot of work and I appreciate it.”

Adult performer Jules Jericho who accompanied Kiki Daire’ to KSEX last night was speaking in the Jock Lounge about how Kiki had warned her not to make waves in regards to Ron as recent as that day. This was in response to Jericho speaking negative about Ron freely. Because of those pre-show comments, it shocked KSEX staffers when Kiki then came out on the air and gave her testimonial. When asked about why Kiki told her to ease up on Ron, right before she blasted him publicly, Jericho said, “Kiki told me to ease up on making comments about him because he always speaks highly of me, but then after Ginger came out on the air, she changed her mind.”

Today Jericho told TPT, “He takes advantage of everyone. He never actually raped me, but taking advantage of someone is a form of rape in my opinion. He took me to Florida once. Hung out with Al Goldstein. Said it was going to be a trip of me doing a girl/girl scene, then it turned into a Ronnie hands everywhere on me and then he expected me to blow Goldstein. He said, ‘I want you to blow Al, you’ll do it free, you’re my friend.’ With me, he did the “let me put the tip in,” in the hot tub. On a Metro set, he did the same thing. He wrote me into a scene I didn’t ask to be in. It was suppose to be photos only once, no contact, then he did the “put the tip in thing” and the next thing you know we were having sex. I didn’t want to do it.”

After reading Jericho’s comments, Jeremy said, “That is ridiculous, she was paid to do a scene with Goldstein. It’s on video. She didn’t do anything with him for free, she got paid to be there for that scene. I can’t believe these girls are saying all these lies.”

A shocking allegation then came from Jericho during our conversation as she claimed Ron had sex with minors at the last AVN Convention in Las Vegas:

JJ: He brought 16 year old girls up to his room at the Venetian.

TPT: How did you know they were 16?

JJ: I was there, I didn’t get exact ages, but they were minors for sure. They hung out in the room for a while and then he told me, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to walk them back to their room. He was gone for 45 minutes. I’m not stupid, it’s Ronnie. I knew what he was doing. He works all the girls. At the conventions, clubs, he’s getting numbers all the time from new girls who don’t know better.

“All these claims are ridiculous,” Ron said, “If I’m on a set and I’m abusing someone, you don’t think a camera man or director is going to stop it? Of course they will. I can’t believe all these girls are just jumping on the bandwagon here. It’s pick on Ronnie day.”

Ron closed out his comments to Top Pro Talent by saying, “She [Ginger] never once said leave, no, get lost, totally consensual. I asked her at the table at VCA why didn’t you say no? She said, ‘I did.’ She did not. How do you rape a friend? The only thing she said was “Ughhhh” [noises that she liked it].”

“She calls me fat hairy and ugly. If anyone looks at a photograph of me 20 years ago I was thin, muscular and dark. I was in playgirl three times. I might have gotten careless in the last 10 years and went from the Gym to the buffet, but when I worked with her, I was in fine shape. It’s 20 fuckin’ years ago, give me a break.”
Ginger publicly invited Ron on her show to debate the issue although in the last conversation with Top Pro Talent, Jeremy said, “this is the last time I want to talk about this. It’s done.”

Speaking with Jeremy last night on the subject he said, “I never said I wouldn’t debate Ginger, the way you wrote that paragraph makes it look like I’m hiding from the issue.” Asked if we set up the lie detector on, Ron said, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”


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