Give America Balls Again, Elect Trump, Monica Foster Wants More Handouts, Backs Michelle Obama

After 8 years of failure, fagging up the nation, pushing a gay and tranny agenda, setting race relations back 50 years and encouraging blacks to riot every time some black moron gets himself shot and killed for committing crimes and for those that have followed THE MONICA FOSTER FILES, RUINING Monica Foster‘s life even more, she hasn’t had enough of the Obamas. She wants race relations set back even more, she wants the country fagged up and dumbed down even more, she wants to play the victim some more. This is who the Obamas appeal to. Lazy underachieving permanent victims. Make America gay again and go ahead and elect her.


There is nothing @realDonaldTrump & his gang fears more than a #Black #Woman. Be the #weapon of the people @MichelleObama. Be our #President

I’m sorry, the black president experiment was a failure. There will never be another black president in your lifetime and if there is, they shouldn’t come from the Obama family. This is simply wishful thinking from a black supremacist whose time with a black president is running out, causing her to panic. Her appeals will be ignored just as they have been for the last 8 years. There may very well be a woman president but it will be a WHITE woman. Either way, you lose, Foster. Always bet on WHITE. 😛


Look at Foster’s situation over the past 8 years. First, she wrote on her blog in 2007 that there should never be another president elected, ever. She changed her tune in 2008 when her black boy was elected even though she couldn’t be bothered to drag her lazy ass out to the polls and contribute. She wasn’t in the mess she is now with Randazza and nearly $200k in debt, she had no PWL wiki, no embarrassing Dykstra rubber check stories plastered all over the net, she had yet to meet Matthew Paul Holder, who basically turned her off men for life, she was just going through life unnoticed. The years 2008-2016 have not been kind to Ms. Mayers. Maybe it’s just best if she step away from the whole black president dream and move on.


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