GoFuckTalk Thread: Vivid Raided by Cal-OSHA?

Frankly, this sounds like a lot of nonsense.

Donny Long posts on www.gofucktalk.com – I heard from some talent in LA that Vivid’s studio got raided and fined by OSHA for not having dental dames, condoms, booties, and a mask on during a porn shoot and that they made James Deam bend over and touch his toes so they could inspect his balls and ass. WOW WTF?

I also heard after this happened that Vivid hired a director in Vegas to shoot and OSHA went to vegas and busted him a couple days later and then came back to Vivids office and gave them another fine to prove they work in all of the USA.

Does anyone know how true this story is and what OSHA is thinking? Is this the end of porn in the USA or atlest above ground?
Thank God I sold my studio and dont Shoot Whores anymore!

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