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(PORN VALLEY, CA) — With their new company slogan, “Together again, for the first time ever,” Wayne C. Lewis & Gene Ross are uniting to create a one stop, powerhouse adult news and reviews portal, complete with cutting edge news coverage, members sextion and endless free content themed towards adult information, news, gossip and more.

Lewis and Ross, who by themselves command a great readership respect with their own personal sites, [13k Alexa] and [19k Alexa], will be coming together to form one unstoppable force where all talent, fans, directors, journalists and mainstream audiences can visit daily to obtain anything and everything they need to know in regards to the world of adult.

Introducing Adult FYI is set to launch unofficially within 7-10 days, and officially, with all kinks worked out, within a month.

Fans of Top Pro Talent or The Real Gene Ross don’t need to delete the URLs from their favorite’s list, both sites will automatically forward to the new location as soon as it launches. Until then, keep checking both sites daily, for all your news and information.

Lewis aka Wankus of, has consistently stated that TPT was his baby and had no affiliation with KSEX. Other news services, in particular, continue to reference the sites together just because Lewis has a job as host and program director for the popular internet radio station. “It’s not that big of a deal,” stated Lewis, “but just because I work two jobs, it doesn’t mean they are working in conjunction with one another. If I toured as a singer with a rock band and also worked as a bartender part time, would you say my two jobs are affiliated? I doubt it. Maybe now they’ll realize they really are separate.”

With Ross’ investigative skills and history in the industry, combined with Lewis’ constant interaction with big name stars as well as both of their journalistic courage, is going to be a site to contend with.

Details to cum!

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