Good Thing Bill Margold Doesn’t Predict Fortunes

William Margold ‏@WilliamMargold tweets: “Less words=more action. #flogtheblog! nows takes aim at the simpleton sleuthing and the delusional unionizing that is making a mockery of X.”

If you’ve been following Bill Margold’s tweets it’s become apparent that he’s either channeling Confucius, or has lost his mind entirely.

Margold has been taking daily cryptic shots at Rob Black’s attempts to clean up the adult industry. Why would that be? You’d think that Margold who heads up Protecting Adult Welfare, would be all for adult welfare. I guess not.

Good thing, too, that Margold doesn’t write for fortune cookies even though his tweets sound like ‘em because today Cal/OSHA just came down with righteous thunder upon Guess he didn’t see that coming. Neither did anyone else, but we’ve been writing about it here on AdultFYI.

On his daily show Rob Black has been talking about change. Margold mocked that. Rob Black has been talking about a UAWA. Margold mocked that and Black predicted that because was a breeding ground for HIV, the state was coming in. Margold calls what Black’s doing “a mockery of X.”

Of course you got to understand that Margold has backed Mr. Marcus’ play from the beginning so you got to wonder who’s side he’s on. We’d like to know because this week when we suggested that Bare Bowling would be a good venue to help Cameron Bay with some of her medical expenses, Margold tweeted: “Protecting Adult Welfare doesn’t need to be told how or who to raise monies for. It’s activities since 1994 (and before) are pure/priceless.”

To quote Margold, I guess Cameron hasn’t earned her badge of honor.

By the way, Margold predicted Black was going to internally combust which is the whole point of this.

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