Grace Evangeline is BACK & NOBODY GIVES a SHIT!

Well, failed porn actress, Grace Evangeline is back to filming porn and nobody important gives a shit! Grace was unable to succeed in the industry and only has a small fan base, not much bigger than Monica Foster. Grace stopped filming and prostituting herself for a couple of years because she married some low life who has low standards and is a loser with women. Obviously she’s now divorced and is back to whoring herself because of her lack of education and job skills, even though she claims to have two degrees, claims to have been a nurse, and makes fun of people that she’s smarter than them.

We have watched Grace over the years on Twitter gang up on people that Sean Tompkins attacks and bullies. Grace kisses Tompkins ass like an unpopular girl in high school who kisses ass of the cool kids so she can get attention for herself. I’m sure that Grace hopes that her ass kissing of Tompkins will help boost her in her so-called “career ” in the failed porn industry. Grace will NEVER be inducted into the AVN hall of shame nor will her her pussy ever be as valuable as a true porn stars pussy at $2,000/hour whereas Grace charges a low of $500/hour. Obviously her fans are losers with low standards as well, guys who will fuck any woman as long as she has two legs.

Grace is one whore is walking proof that the porn industry has lowered its standards over the years. She’s unattractive, not intelligent, lazy, a liar, a bully, and basically there is nothing good that describes her. For someone who claims to be in her 30s, Grace looks much older like she’s about 50!

When you go to these open conventions, you’ll notice how the majority of the porn women look like drug addicts and Grace is one of them with her makeup that looks like it came from a pharmacy store like CVS.

So the porn industry announced that Grace is back to whoring herself, the question is, WHO GIVES A FUCK???!!!


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