“Grandma” Rebecca Bardoux at a Loss Over Alia Janine Tweets

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I spoke to Rebecca Bardoux this morning about the tweets of Alia Janine www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=57993

As, has been witnessed in the past, hell hath no fury as Alia Janine scorned. Bardoux is asked what she did to have incurred the wrath. Bardoux’s not sure.

“I have a great life,” says Bardoux. But not according to Alia who writes, “You know those ppl that constantly tweet how ‘awesome’ their life is when u know for a fact its not. Yeah, @rebeccabardoux is one of those.”

“I was amazed to wake up and see 10 or 14 posts on my Twitter from her,” says Bardoux.

“This is what I think happened. I didn’t know her from Adam. I’ve never met her before. I met her one night and we were doing a Measure B-thing together. So for some reason she started attacking me on Twitter. Alana Evans and I were having a conversation about journalists and everything. That was awhile back.

“Then Alia started attacking me. ‘No wonder why people…” She’s directing everything at me. I said I’m not going to do this. I don’t even know this person. That was that. I think what’s happening now, her and Mike Kulich are hanging together.”

Bardoux and Kulich of Monarchy Distribution were once an item, but that has since gone by the boards and that fallout has been heavily documented on this site.

“I guess she feels the need to stick up for Mike, but the problem is Mike isn’t telling everyone the COMPLETE story,” Bardoux continues.

I asked Bardoux what Janine’s cryptic comment “I’ll see you in court, grandma” was referring to.

“I don’t know. What the hell is she taking me to court for?” Bardoux asks.

According to Bardoux, Kulich keeps calling her and texting her from other numbers and “unknown IDs.”

“He’s not telling people that. Those are all things he’s keeping to himself. He’s just telling everybody what I’m like.”

Frankly, I went down that road before on this story involving restraining orders and public threats, and it gave me dizzy spells and vertigo trying to figure out what’s what. I just think Kulich, Bardoux and Janine should all get together and have a reality show.

Bardoux’s also telling me that Kulich refers to himself as an “anal God.” Long story.

“I think it’s pretty funny,” Bardoux says.

“I can’t sit down and talk to Kulich, and I can’t have an intelligent conversation with Alia Janine.”

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