Gutless Chickenshit Monica Foster Gets Embarrassing Phone Call Pulled Off YouTube!

That’s right folks, after answering the phone when Donny Long & Heather Deep called and then blowing her own horn about how brave she was for doing so, career coward and punk Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers is running and crying to YouTube to get the phone call videos taken down just as she runs to Twitter and every other social site she’s on when she bites off more than she can chew. Remember, this yellow coward is known for combing her way through Twitter posts that are as old as a year and reporting those posts in an attempt to get users suspended. Hey Monica, get a fucking life, will you?


“MONICA FOSTER OWNED …” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Alexandra Mayers.

The above statement appears when the video Monica Foster Owned is clicked on YouTube. So tell me something, how can you take her seriously when she threatens to “hunt down,” her enemies and commit physical harm to the point of crippling and disfiguring them when she can’t even leave a video untouched? Is there anyone who takes this nutcase seriously? She’s like a bad comedy sketch.

The truth of the matter is, without heavily liberal sites like Twitter, based in the fag capital of California, and other left leaning social sites to come to her aide every time her feelings get hurt, she doesn’t stand a chance in hell of handling herself in any verbal discussion with anyone never mind any physical altercations. Her foes can simply throw all her insults back in her face as all she can do is try to insult people for being “Whores” (Which she is herself) and use racial slurs, which undermines her poor, oppressed black victim act.

Monica Foster is embarrassed at what she does for a living and even lied about it during the phone call. When porn and cam god Donny Long made fun of her for begging for tokens on web cam while he and his girls thrive in that arena, she claimed that she “Hasn’t been on web cam in YEARS.” Let’s just check the cam site, shall we?

It hasn’t even been 72 hours since she logged off that site, it has hardly been a year since she whored herself out over there. Foster also became offended when Mr. Long repeatedly called her “Monica” and insisted that she doesn’t go by that name and wondered why in the world anyone would call her that. Folks, this woman is delusional. She’s a vile, disgusting, unhygienic pig that isn’t fit to shine most men’s shoes but she acts high and mighty and still thinks her stock is high enough to land a wealthy white man that will whisk her away from her life of hell. Even if she found some fat old Jew to do so, he’d drop her the second he found out about the debts she owes as he wouldn’t want to be on the hook for such fees. It is believed that she is lying about working on cam as she doesn’t want her failed camming career to be compared to the career of Heather Deep, who is only a year into her XXX campaign and around 1,000,000X more popular than Foster is across multiple XXX sites.


Monica Dumpster you just kicked yourself and we have more surprises coming your way so sit tight.


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