Handsome Jimmy Lee Now Complaining About the Lack of Money and The Lack of Time; Finally Admits The Industry Was Way Behind in the Polls

“Some play the game to lose, some play the game to win…The winners walk out laughing, the losers cry, deal again”…..Larry Gatlin

While Michael Weinstein’s busy cashing in his chips, handsome Jimmy Lee is calling for a re-shuffle. Lee, a Bush Republican, was brought in to spearhead a PR campaign on behalf of the porn industry, which is like Octomom doing public service announcements for Planned Parenthood.

He shouldn’t have, but Lee lost on Measure B. And he’s blaming it all on money and a lack of time to do what was needed. We’ll never know how much Lee himself got paid because Manwin, which is to porn like The Illuminati is to the United States, keeps mum on such issues.

And time? If Lee had until Doom’s Day he couldn’t have won a Merry-go-Round race with that lame horse he was riding. Government Waste? Jeeeezus H. Christmas. It was about freedom of choice, and Lee made it everything but. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that Lee tanked this election with a sly wink to the Bushes.

And, too boot, Lee heads a strategy group. I wouldn’t ask him for a Blackjack strategy much less one to beat a condom initiative.

Lee talked to XBiz, making these comments:

“In our experience money equates success at the polls. That’s the simple truth of it,” Lee said. “You got to get on the air and tell your message.

“I’ve never worked on a campaign where you got near universal endorsement from every local newspaper. Looking at the data and the trends, you were on you[r] way to a win. But we just didn’t have enough time.

“In eight days [leading up to the vote], we shaved 20 points. You were able to speak as a unified industry as you’ve never done before.”


I know Lee at The Sportsmen’s Lodge took in a bunch of last minute money from the industry for ads, but I don’t remember seeing one for Measure B unless it was on Telemundo or something like that.

And his two debates against Weinstein? Scheduled on a Thursday night when the NFL airs football games. Another good call.

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