Hawaii Officials Comment on Flynt’s Intent to Shoot There; Insurance Requirements Would Preclude It

HONOLULU from www.hawaiinewsnow.com – Pornography king Larry Flynt said it in a Bloomberg interview and in a story in the Los Angeles Times. He wants to take some of his pornography production outside L.A. and send it to Hawaii.

“By doing more production in Mexico or Hawaii, or the desert…you just take a larger entourage, and do a longer filming schedule. And it’s not really going to cost you an more money than if you were doing it right here in L.A.,” he told Bloomberg.

Flynt’s announcement came after Los Angeles county voted to require adult industry performers to wear condoms, and there are new permitting procedures for porn shoots there.

“I think we’ll be more wary,” Hawaii state film commissioner Donne Dawson said.

She said being a bed for porn production could hurt Hawaii’s family friendly image. There is a safeguard in state law that outlaws porn shoots on public property.

“It does require of us to be constantly vigilant to make sure productions conduct themselves in a manner that is in keeping with our community,” she said.

Adult film producers can’t qualify for Hawaii’s film tax credit. Even if they were granted a permit, they’d have to have $1 million dollars in general liability insurance and $1 million in auto liability insurance. Plus, a Hawaii statute prohibits producing or directing porn performances for money.

Enforcing it is another matter.

Despite the road blocks, religious liberties attorney James Hochberg is concerned by Flynt’s comment.

“I certainly hope the prosecutor is wiling to take this on. And if not, that the legislature will take this on,” he said.

Dawson said porn companies have applied in the past for Hawaii permits but were denied permission.

“Once you figure out what it is, you put two and two together,” she said.

The Internet has cut into Flynt’s Hustler empire. Now the new L.A. law has him looking elsewhere

“The big houses are not going to have a problem. They’ll shoot outside of L.A.,” he told Bloomberg.

Porn industry insiders are certain if Flynt comes to Hawaii, other porn producers will be right behind.

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