HBO’s Bunny Ranch Coverage–Positive

(Carson City, NV) – Although I haven’t been invited to be a VIP guest yet, I am waving the Bunny Ranch flag and am proud that such a solid operation exists. That said, I’m told within a short time, I too will be sitting at the Bunny Bar, enjoying some female companionship and one of many Jack and Cokes.

Sunday night, after what I felt was a perfect end to a boring Sopranos season, which was a boring Soprano’s finale’, HBO went inside Dennis Hof’s World Famous Bunny Ranch and introduced the country to one of the tightest run and successful businesses, viewers have ever seen.
Take note Enron, you CAN fuck the staff in some businesses, if you just ask nicely.

And that’s exactly what this lucky man Hof has going on in his house–his cat house. Some of the most beautiful girls in the world claim to proudly share their wares there and one working girl interviewed by HBO, claimed to want to stay until she was an old woman, even just doing a weekend a month.

These fine ass women weren’t shaking their tails with a smile for the sake of a popular network. They seemed to be expressing their genuine feelings for the gig. While many folks around the country may try to comprehend someone’s mindset who spreads their legs for a random stranger, most female viewers who watched that presentation would be trying to figure out where to sign up.

Yes, in our world, there is still certain behaviors that we’re suppose to view as immoral and inappropriate. But, if you throw away all the Catholic guilt that most of you were hit over the head with, and think about the incredible service that places like The Bunny Ranch provide, you’ll see that this company needs to be placed on the shelf of good service providers the likes of The Red Cross and The ASPCA.

Ok, think I’m an idiot, but let me explain where I’m coming from.

The ASPCA controls and provides care for animals, The Red Cross Saves Lives. The Bunny Ranch is doing the same thing by providing a forum for sexual animals to have a release in their normal worlds that are stressful, depressing and in a sense, shortening the happiness in their normal day to day.

In one vignette during the Special, they showed a mother bringing in her virgin son to groom him to be a man. He was 22 years old and claimed to have never slid his dick in anything but his own hand.

My first thoughts were, “that’s fuckin’ twisted…a mother brings her son to a cat house.” Then after giving some consideration, I thought, “that’s a beautiful thing.”

Here’s a place that provides a service to the community. He was taught how to be a lover, given confidence with future women and again, if you forget the Christian guilt, what his mom did for him is something he can always be thankful for his entire life.

It’s easy to be a female virgin. You can lay there and learn, while most likely if you suck in bed, the guy doesn’t notice all that much. But as a guy, you need to know how to drill for oil or word gets around and you won’t see much action in the same town you live in for a while.

The Boone Brothers, former guests of, were in a segment. They were so excited that they finally had a chance to fuck Sunset Thomas–until she told them it would cost $3K! I knew those cheap bastids wouldn’t pay that so she ended up masturbating for them for $500.00. They could’ve got that show at KSEXradio any night for free. But I guess when you see Sunset in person, like I have, all logic goes out the window since she is extremely gorgeous.

All in all, HBO did a good job keeping the coverage as an actual behind the scenes story and not commercially editorialized to appeal to some nasty lookin’, church goin’, rigid housewife in Nebraska.

The Bunny Ranch is a very well run organization. It’s professional, clean and a chance to have sex with some major hotties for about the price of a flat screen TV. So make the choice…want to watch her and wish you can have her on that flat screen, or do you want to take a tour of the ranch and get some penile hi-fi?

I know personally, I don’t mind watching my old tube set.

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